Laces Out (in).

I was unaware of how many LBD I have acquired throughout my lifetime until my recent trip to NYC for the weekend. I needed to wear all black at the Bloomingdale’s trunk show I guest hosted and I had a panic attack thinking I had nothing to wear and was about to head out to spend more money on a dress when I had a little epiphany. I figured I should just sift through my closet one more time before heading out and realized I have like 30 little black dresses to choose from, HA. While my favorite black mini leather dress from South Moon Under (previously worn here & here) made the cut, I grabbed this Uphoria Boutique mini dress for my dinner date that night!



uphoria boutique mini dressuphoria boutique mini dressuphoria boutique mini dressuphoria boutique mini dressuphoria boutique mini dressuphoria boutique mini dress

I kept my accessories very understated for this look because I was a little too obsessed with the dress itself. The high neckline and keyhole cutout deemed a necklace unnecessary and I honestly didn’t pack any fun or exciting earrings to go with this, ha. I let my dress and my bag make their own statements. The lace detail on the back stole my heart as soon as I tried it on. Not to mention it fit like it was made for me! I swear if I could live in this dress I would.

IMG_5076 IMG_5071 IMG_5083 IMG_5081

Also, funny story about these shoes. They are not the shoes I intended to wear with this outfit. In fact, I didn’t even own these shoes until about 2 or 3 hours before dinner. I stood on my feet for hours throughout the trunk show and by the end I could barely walk, literally. (Why I chose to wear a pair of Louboutin’s to be on my feet all day I will never know). After the show I hobbled across the street to the Clark’s store to grab a pair of shoes, and at that point I would have bought pretty much anything. However, I put these sandals on and fell in love; they’re like walking on little mini clouds. I was a little hesitant to wear them to dinner later, after all I had packed 4 other pairs of heels to choose from, but they were so comfortable I decided to stick with them. Matt and I decided to skip the cab/uber/hotel car and walk back to our hotel after dinner… about 10 blocks! My feet were not bothering me at all. I’m so glad I decided to stick with the “sensible” shoes. While it’s not normally something I would opt for, I like a little more height and edge, I would have been miserable the entire night and would have missed out on exploring the city. Let that be a lesson to ya!


Date Night Style with South Moon Under

So by now it’s no secret that South Moon Under has quickly shot up to my favorite store in the area. They have a little bit of everything at every price point. They have the most glorious accessories table I have ever seen, plus a ton of stuff for your home which makes it my favorite one stop shop. BUT! Did you know they also have a mens section? And a pretty fantastic one at that! With the help of Matt we’re showing you how to get ready for your next date night together!

south moon under mens




What I love about these pants that Matt’s wearing is that they’re like not really denim, not really pants. They’re some weird hybrid. They could kind of pass for casual with a t-shirt but also look great dressed up with a white button down, as worn here. And guys, if you do one thing in life it should definitely be to buy this sweatshirt. It’s literally the most comfortable thing in the entire world, and yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve already stolen it and hid it in the depths of my closet to keep for myself. IMG_6441

Matt is not exactly an “in front of the camera” kind of guy. Honestly he’s not even a behind the camera kinda guy. He acted like he was all nervous and uncomfortable, but look at him… a natural. IMG_6447 IMG_6448 IMG_6432This skirt gives me liiiiiife. Can I just say I feel like that saucy little emoji every time I wear it. You know the one I mean… in the red dress, of course. Add this pink crop top and fringe heels from Steve Madden and fuggeddaboutit. So ready for a night on the town!


At the Roman Luxe trunk show a few weeks ago these earrings were one of the best sellers! So naturally I snagged a pair for myself before they sold out, ha! I’ve been wearing them pretty much nonstop since. They’re the perfect size, not too small to be a plain stud but not too big to be uncomfortable. I’m totally diggin them! Side note; you can get your own pair at 50% off right now! They’re on sale and under $30. SCORE! IMG_6427 IMG_6428 IMG_6449

So, in conclusion, start your next date night early and go shopping together! At South Moon Under, of course! Help each other pick out cute outfits, help your guy find a shirt that goes with his jeans, or anything that matches if he happens to be colorblind like my husband.. ha. Enjoy your night out! ;]


City Slickers

Remember those insanely comfortable shirts from Holister I was raving about a few weeks ago? They’re back! I wasn’t kidding when I said I bought a few of them to basically live in… and you should too!

holister boyfriend shirt


holister boyfriend shirt

HOLISTER BOYFRIEND SHIRT holister shirt roman luxe pendant lulu's denim

I really can’t even tell you guys how long I’ve been trying to get my hands on this python pendant from Roman Luxe! When I hosted their trunk show at Bloomingdale’s a couple weeks ago I jumped at the chance to get my own and I have been wearing it ever since. It literally goes with everything; a comfy button up, a plain white tee, a solid black crop top and maxi skirt, eeeeeverything. Oh and did I mention it’s on sale? YUP!

IMG_5068 IMG_5062 IMG_5064

I’m still wearing these comfy lulu’s jeans too! I seriously live in these when it’s a little cooler out and I wanna wear jeans instead of a dress or skirt. Between the super soft fabric of this shirt and the insane softness of these jeans it’s like being out in pajamas…it almost feels wrong wearing this out in public. ALMOST.

Ladylike with Lulu’s

I have a hard time pulling off the very classy ladylike look… at least I think I do. I love getting dressed up, like, so much… but I feel like if there isn’t some element of ‘edge’ to my outfit I just look off. When I received this full floral midi skirt from Lulu’s I fell in love, but struggled with how to style it because I think I was trying a little too hard to be too ladylike. Once I loosened up and picked things out of my closet that were way more me I felt much better!

lulu's floral skirt


lulu's skirt groceries crop top lulu's skirt skull bag lulu's skirt GROCERIES CROP TOP

So, let’s talk about wearing trendy pieces but keeping your own sense of style while doing so. With a full skirt like this I would normally think it has to be paired with something super elegant, like a lacy long sleeve, but it all felt weird to me. I decided to dress more how I normally would; threw on a strappy bralette and opted for a bold skull bag instead of a dainty clutch. Even just these small personal touches helped me feel way more comfortable in my own skin.
IMG_4471 IMG_4473 IMG_4474 IMG_4475 IMG_4476

Can you tell we were goofing off much? haha! This is me trying to act all ladylike and fabulous! Zero idea what I’m doing. IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4480I’m taking a poll on this post: There is a new wedding guest trend and I’m not entirely decided how I feel about it. A more casual style like crop tops and jumpsuits are being worn to more and more weddings lately. This, for instance, is an outfit that could be worn to a wedding this summer.. but would you? Part of me is all old school and totally against it, but another part of me is like.. get with the times Rachel! It’s totally acceptable. But I mean, what’s next? Wearing white to a wedding? GASP! I think I’m on board with it, but it has to be the right setting and the right outfit. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this crop top to a wedding because it’s a little too casual, even though the skirt is fancy, but I might wear a more structured or lace little number. A jumpsuit as well, a more casual wedding setting could definitely call for one of those too, or a sleek tuxedo style for a more fancy event. So what are your thoughts? Are you for or against the changes in wedding guest attire? If you’re for it, shop my new mavatar collection below!

Shop My Mavatar Cart


Style for You & Your Little One

It’s Charlotte’s THIRD birthday today! Third!!!! How in the hell did that happen so fast?? I swear I feel like I just found out I was pregnant with her. I remember the night so perfectly. She has grown into such a little lady! Wise beyond her years, hysterical, smart, nurturing, silly, sarcastic, wild, loving. She is so incredible. Ok! Sorry… having a moment here, obviously, haha. Anyway! To celebrate my little one’s big day I’m featuring her fun style on the blog today! Please welcome the Mini Fashionista, again!

the mini fashionista


1 1 IMG_4513 1 1 1

So, about my pants. A friend of mine & fellow blogger Jess posted a picture of herself wearing these H&M pants a few weeks back & I loved the way they looked on her. She told me they were $14 at H&M and I was like sold! A few days later I found myself in an H&M and found the pants… tried them on… didn’t love them. They didn’t look nearly as flattering on me as they did on her, haha. I pondered the purchase as I continued to walk around the store only to stumble upon these adorable, and strikingly similar, pink gingham print leggings for Charlotte. Immediately all I could think about was matching her like a total dweeb and went back to grab my own pair, ha.

IMG_4509 IMG_4512 IMG_4515 IMG_4517 IMG_4518

I’m actually glad I ended up keeping the pants. I mean, they were only $14, it wouldn’t have killed me either way, but they’re pretty versatile. I’m wearing them with a casual white t-shirt here but they look really pretty dressed up with a white button down or slouchy blouse as well!IMG_4519 IMG_4520 IMG_4521 IMG_4523 IMG_4524

Here I’m trying to make Kennedy laugh, ha. She was trapped in her stroller and wasn’t thrilled. At one point we looked over and she was standing straight up in her stroller… she was strapped in… she’s a little Houdini that one! So I went all matchy-matchy here for an extreme look for blog purposes, normally I’d mix it up a little more. For the most part though, I’m going to match my daughters for as long as they let me!

Happy birthday, Charlotte. Mommy loves you!


The Road Less Traveled

There is something about those places that people don’t often go to that I just love. They’re quiet, they’re clean, they’re undisturbed. Those are the places I like to spend my time… and take my pictures, ha!

uphoria boutique tunic


uphoria boutique dress ray bans elephant clutch tunic dress

Can we just talk about this bag for a quick sec because I’m obsessed. I spotted it immediately sitting on a table among tons of other adorable accessories and if you know me, you know my obsession with elephants is real, so I knew I had to have this bag. On the back, which you will also see, it says “Take Me to Paris” – adorbs! If you’re in the central NJ area, which a lot of you are in these summer months, you must stop by DaniRisi in Allenhurst and sift through all of her accessories! You walk in and your eyes literally don’t know where to go first, there’s so much amazingness in there! AND not to mention they are totally affordable. Can’t beat it!

IMG_4444 IMG_4446

See…. more elephants. Obsessed guys… obsessed! This tassel necklace from South Moon Under is one of my new favorite pieces. It’s also available in a variety of colors; a bright pink & orange combo and a light blue, which I had a hard time deciding between, just to name a few. IMG_4448 IMG_4449

I was on the fence with the gladiator sandal trend, but to be fair, I had never tried them on. When I found this dress at Uphoria I saw myself wearing it with tall gladiator sandals and was like hmmmm well now I have to go find a pair! I was determined not to spend too much money since I wasn’t sure exactly how I would feel about them and luckily I found these beauties at Charlotte Russe for only $30! Thankfully I love them and I think they ended up pairing perfectly with this tunic dress! I’m going to be wearing them aaaaaall summer long!

Visit DaniRisi’s website, instagram, & facebook!


In Print

I’m all about little dresses during the summer to keep me cool, but there is something about a pair of printed shorts I absolutely love. When I saw these babies at South Moon Under I was instantly drawn to the bright pink color but the detailing, and more importantly the fit, were what sealed the deal. south moon under shortsSHIRT: HOLLISTER || SHORTS: SOUTH MOON UNDER || SHOES: CHARLOTTE RUSSE (similar) || JEWELRY: KENNETH JAY LANE (see details below) || BAG: REBECCA MINKOFF || SHADES: URBAN OUTFITTERS 


Isn’t the print so fun!? I love the high waisted fit of these shorts, they’re extremely flattering! Well, at least I think so, haha. Also this shirt is SO friggen comfortable! It’s one of the softest shirts I’ve ever worn. I stop in Hollister every now and then and find either nothing or 100 things I love. I grabbed a few of these shirts which I literally wear all day and then sleep in them at night, they’re that comfortable.

IMG_3487 IMG_3489 IMG_3490 IMG_3491


THIS. JEWELRY. THOUGH! The first piece from this collection I fell in love with was this lavender quartz and pink sapphire ring. Then I discovered the matching necklace and bracelets and about died. They are so stunning! I get so many compliments every time I wear them. I am also a huuuuuge fan of this double hamsa necklace. I wear it quite often with my smaller hamsa from Uphoria Boutique. Anyway! This was a really comfortable outfit for a casual weekend but the jewelry dressed it up which was perfect for me. Can’t beat lookin fancy but feelin comfy at the same time.


Dear Daughters,

I just want to start off by saying I caused quite the stir on my personal Facebook page earlier this week, completely unintentionally. This letter was written well before that took place, so this is in no way shape or form a reaction or response to the recent controversy. This is my personal message to my children, something I, as a mother, want them to know. So without further ado.. 

 I will be the first person to admit I have made many mistakes in my life across all spectrums; some big and others small, some well thought out and others very careless. While I would like to say I learned from these mistakes immediately and made it my life’s work to turn my karma around… it honestly wasn’t until after my first daughter, Charlotte, turned one that I truly began to grow as a person. I spent a good portion of my life being a very selfish individual, and that was still true after Char was born. While I loved my daughter more than she will ever know, I still really loved myself too… I had a hard time putting anyone before me, even her. However, my daughter is an old soul. She is wise beyond her years, she is intuitive and sensitive and she reminds me every day in her actions just how brilliant and wonderful children are. Most importantly, she is receptive. I started to notice even the smallest of my actions affecting her behavior, and not always in a positive way. I have two daughters now; Kennedy just turned one and Charlotte will be 3 in a few weeks. When I look at my girls I think very intensely about the person I used to be, the person I want to be, and the kind of women I want them to be. I also think a lot about the world we live in. I don’t ever want my daughters to grow up feeling like they can’t be themselves. So I have put together a list of 11 things I want my girls, and any future children, to know.

  1. You are going to make mistakes.

You are human. We make mistakes, and honestly, you’re going to make a lot of them. You’re not going to learn from them right away, I can almost guarantee it, but someday down the road a light bulb will go off in your head and you will remember a moment that happened when you were a kid, or a teenager, or an adult, and something will click. You will have that “ah-ha!” moment, I promise. You are going to be put in a similar situation years later and you will think back to this moment and you will know exactly what to do. You will be more careful with peoples’ feelings, you will remember how something made you feel, you will remember promises you made… you won’t make the same mistake twice, and if you do, it won’t have the same outcome twice. You are both brilliant girls with minds that amaze me every day and I know you will learn from every move you make.

  1. Pay attention to the actions of others.

People will always, always, ALWAYS show you their true colors, you can count on that. Sometimes, more often than not, it takes a while for them to come out, but you’ll see them eventually. You don’t have to like or get along with everyone you come in contact with, that’s not normal, but you do have to be kind and respectful. No matter how someone else treats you, treat them with kindness. And if they continue to treat you poorly, remove them from your life and move on. There is no unwritten rule somewhere that says you absolutely must keep people in your life that bring it down. Do not let someone else’s opinion of another person affect your opinion of that person. Get to know everyone, make up your own mind about them.

  1. Always trust your intuition

This may sound outlandish, but psychics run in our family… seriously. Because of that I’ve often been told I have “psychic tendencies” or what I have come to believe is just a really strong and unusually accurate intuition. I’m positive you’ll have the same ability to read people and situations, so always listen to your gut. It’s not often I’m wrong about certain things, and there are so many instances I wish I could go back in time and just listen to myself the first time. You are smarter and more intuitive than you know, so always trust yourself first. No one knows your thoughts and feelings better than you.

  1. Don’t be afraid to love

I have this pet peeve… somewhere along the way it became a faux pas for people to love. Saying “I love you” became hard. Why? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Love is an amazingly beautiful thing and there are so, so, so many different forms and different ways to love people, places, even things. Don’t be afraid to love. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Fall in love with as many things as you can. Talk about the things you love with passion in your eyes and heart. Only a coward would tell you to be guarded and careful with love. Which brings me to my next point…

  1. Don’t be afraid to get hurt, seriously.

I have only ever been in love once in my entire life, and that is with your father, true story. However, that’s not to say I haven’t been hurt before. I know what it’s like to have your heart broken (again, by your father, but don’t worry… he fixed it, ha), and I can promise you, hearts heal. Just like any other part of your body, with a little TLC and time, hearts do heal. Getting hurt is not the worst thing in the world, even if it feels like it, and it won’t always be a significant other that hurts you. It may be a friend, a family member, someone you barely know. It’s easy to get hurt, and it’s perfectly ok to get hurt. You will learn something from every single person you meet in your life, and sometimes that lesson is how not to treat others. Take getting hurt in stride; let it teach you its own lesson. And when it feels like it’s too much to bear, don’t worry; mommy is here to remind what love feels like.

  1. It’s ok to forgive

I used to be the queen of holding grudges. Your father is even worse than I am. By all accounts, you both should be able to hold onto a perfectly good grudge until you’ve forgotten why you’ve been holding onto it so tightly in the first place. However, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that grudges suck the life out of you, and fast. It is exhausting trying to act like people are worse than you, or someone’s hurt you worse than you’ve hurt them. It’s exhausting trying to rearrange your schedule so you don’t run into someone you are trying so hard to actively hate. It’s exhausting trying to get people to see and understand your side. It’s exhausting trying to constantly prove to yourself that you’re right. Take it from me, let it go! There is a quote I love that says, “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” This doesn’t mean that when someone hurts you it’s crazy to feel affected by it, THAT is totally normal, just don’t let it take over your life. It’s ok to forgive them. Don’t ever forget how they made you feel, and don’t ever let them do the same thing to you twice, but forgive. Especially if you miss that person. Sometimes holding a grudge becomes an issue of pride. You’d rather be proud and stubborn than admit you were wrong, or that what they did wasn’t as life shattering as you made it out to be. That’s ok. Forgive them, forgive yourself, and hug it out.

  1. It’s ok not to forgive.

Say what now? But I just spent 10 minutes rambling on and on about how to forgive someone! I know, I know… mommy’s confusing, but seriously, sometimes it’s ok not to forgive people. And I only say this because I feel like it’ll happen by itself over time. Maybe 20…30 years later, but it’ll happen. Sometimes people cut you and they cut you deep and you think you’ll never recover. Sometimes people do not deserve to be forgiven, at least not right away. I hope against hope you never encounter someone this evil in your lifetime, but we all know sometimes wolves are disguised in sheep’s clothing. Everyone says forgive but don’t forget. I say the opposite, especially in this regard. You don’t have to forgive every time, but you can forget about them and move on.

  1. Hate is a learned behavior

Girls, this one is very important to me and I truly want you to understand this. Hate is not something you are born with. Children don’t see being different as being bad until someone says so. Over the course of your life you are going to encounter so many different types of people and not one of them will be exactly like either of you. You are going to meet people who believe, think, and feel differently than you do, and that is perfectly ok. The choices people make about their own lives have absolutely nothing to do with you and you should never let it affect you as if it did. Nor should you ever try to change someone’s thoughts, feelings, emotions or behaviors. When you look at someone I want you to see them for who they are in their soul. I don’t want you to see color, gender, religion… I want you to just see good or bad. If you connect with a person, that’s great. Spend time with them, learn things from them, teach them things they didn’t already know. If you don’t connect with a person, that’s fine too. You don’t have to. But never, ever, ever judge someone based on what you see on the outside. There is so much more to a person than what meets the eye. So please, PLEASE, please try your very hardest to accept everyone for who they are.

  1. Don’t ever make someone feel like less than they are

This is easier said than done. This is something people do and sometimes they don’t even know they’re doing it. The hope is that someone will have enough courage to speak up and tell you how you have made them feel, or you will speak up and tell someone how they made you feel. Don’t challenge them. You can never tell someone else how they should have or shouldn’t have felt. Listen to them, take it in. Say you’re sorry if you have hurt their feelings, mean it. And if this should happen to you, hope the other person does the same. And if they don’t, refer to number 6….. or 7.

  1. Be yourself.

You are both the most beautiful things to come out of my life. I am not one of those women who revels and thrives in pregnancy, who believes they were put on this planet for some bigger purpose, but I do believe that while I have had my time on this planet, you are the best things I have ever done with all that time. You are both unlike anyone else I have ever encountered in my lifetime. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re kind, you’re hilarious, you frustrate me, you challenge me, you amaze me, you make me proud. Please just always remember to be yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else. Perfect does not exist, but the outside world is going to tell you that you have to be. Do not ever let anyone you know or don’t know (everyone has an opinion these days) tell you who you should be, how you should feel, what you should do. Only you could ever know what’s right, not even myself or your father could tell you that. So just know in a world that will always tell you that you’re not enough, you are enough. You are enough just the way you are. And you will always be enough no matter what.

And now, a bonus note, because I love you.

  1. Don’t ever smoke a cigarette.

Or I’ll kill you, seriously. They’re not cool. Smoking cigarettes does not look cool. Nothing about smoking yourself into an early grave is cool. When I was young I made a promise to my mother that I would never smoke a cigarette (Grandma told me if she ever caught me she would make me eat them AND the pack they came in… I believed her) and I never did. So the same goes for both of you… because I love you.

 Charlotte, there is also a story I want you to know. A few weeks ago we were at a birthday party (you were two years old at the time). At this party there was a little girl, a few years older than you, with Down’s syndrome sitting on the floor all by herself. The other little boys and girls continued to walk by her never bothering to stop and ask her if she wanted to play with them. They weren’t necessarily mean to her, but they didn’t make her feel included either. You took one look at her, walked up to her, took her by the hand and asked her if she wanted to play with you in the playroom. It may not seem like a big deal to you, to anyone else, but to me my heart was exploding with pride. Just remember, at one time you did not see her as different based on her appearance. To you, she was just a little girl that looked like she could use some company. I hope you always see the world that clearly.

 I love you both,



My New Fave Denim with Lulu’s

The perfect jeans are really, truly hard to find. I have an odd shaped body… is that weird to say? Whatever. Honestly, my bottom half is not shaped perfectly. I have large thighs and not really very long legs so a “one-size-fits-all” type of denim does not work for me. Damn you model types that all clothes were made to fit! However, when I received these jeans from Lulu’s I really couldn’t even believe how well they fit my body. Yahtzee!

lulu's white denim


lulu's white denim steve madden fringe shoes molly and zoey leather jacket clutch south moon under coin necklace steve madden fringe shoes

So many closeups of all of my accessories, ha! Ok 1. These shoes guys. I still love them. They honestly add so much spice and sass to any outfit. Plain white jeans and a black off the shoulder top with these shoes are perfection to me. Also insanely obsessed with this necklace that I pretty much keep trying to wear with any and every outfit, even if it doesn’t match, haha.

IMG_3190 IMG_3193 IMG_3195 IMG_3198

Ok ok back to these jeans. They are perrrrrrfect. SO perfect! They have that frayed bottom which is apparently a whole new trend and I’m all about it. Although, you can’t see that here because I had to tuck them under a bit because the shoes came up too high and it looked awkward. Anyway. They’re also stretchy. Not jeggings stretchy, but they give. They’re distressed but not destroyed which I also love. I loved them so much I found another dark denim pair at another local boutique, Molly and Zoey, and grabbed them immediately. Frayed bottoms, lightly distressed, and perfectly snug. They’re the kind of jeans that you can eat a huge meal in and not have to discretely unbutton your top button under the dinner table.. and I mean.. what could be better? White denim is also a blank canvas for the summertime. Anything looks great paired with white jeans.


Learn to Love Monday.

That’s right, I said it. You can love Monday. Well I mean… if you have a really adorable ‘Monday’ themed t-shirt like this one it really helps.

boy meets girl ugh, monday tee


boy meets girl top boy meets girl top boy meets girl boy meets girl

I’m obsessed with this shirt. I hate Mondays. I love weekends with my family, my hubs, my kids… and by Monday I’m just really sad that the weekend is over. I mean, everyone hates Monday which is why this shirt exists, haha! Thank you Boy Meets Girl for so perfectly capturing the way everyone on the entire planet feels about Monday in just two small words. Wearing this top feels like my personal F U to Monday.

IMG_4259 IMG_4263 IMG_4265 IMG_4267 IMG_4269

These shoes thouuuuuugh. I am ashamed to admit that I bought them for myself when I was supposed to be out finding shoes for my kids, haha. However! I did grab a pair of sandals for Char but they had ZERO shoes in Kennedy’s size, so it’s not entirely my fault I left with a pair for myself instead. Anyway, I love these sandals. They’re comfortable and edgy, and everything I look for to dress up a casual weekday look.



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