Dining with the DJ; Episodes 4 & 5

Hello my loves! So we are gearing up for episodes 4 and 5 of my segment on Dining with the DJ. Incase you missed the first three, you can view them here.

I’ve watched these videos myself a few times and each time all I can focus on is that steak I’m eating, haha! This was my first visit to David Todd’s in Morristown, NJ… which is so weird because I lived a block away for 2 years. I was stoked when Artem told me we’d be meeting there to sit down together, I had been dying to try it since it opened and believe me, it was worth the wait! If you’re ever in the area you absolutely must stop by. The entire staff is so welcoming and accommodating, I will definitely be back next time I’m in the area!

Anyway, back to the episodes! In episode 4 Artem and I talk about the importance of wedding entertainment. When you’re planning your big day, take my advice as someone who has been there, make sure you have a lot of room in your budget for someone who knows how to entertain! It’s seriously so important! While Artem and his company 93 Entertainment do weddings, they are also big on Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and corporate events.. and more, and these events are also in need of someone to MC who knows what they’re doing. (cough cough, ARTEM, cough) ;]

In episode 5 I give you guys a peek into my private life and a trip down memory lane with my husband! He was my first crush guys… my first crush!!! I tell Artem all about the time I realized I had fallen for this guy.. I was 10, ha!

* * * DISCLAIMER for anyone who noticed! I apparently don’t know the name of my own middle school! hahaha, I keep referring to it as Wolf Hill, but that was my elementary school. My middle school, where this all went down, was Maple Place. This hashtag will have to be #mapleplacevarietyshowreunion oh man.. so embarrassing. Thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed!

A very special thank you to:
Artem of 93 Entertainment
GHB Events
David Todd’s 

A very very special thank you to Dan Exter, the editor who made these episodes possible! Dan has an extremely special story of his own and he is currently working hard to raise money for a cause near and dear to him. For more information go here!




Over the Moon for OTK’s.

Not gonna lie, I am really looking forward to wearing these boots with a feminine floral dress when the weather gets a little better, but for now… I’m ok with throwing them on over some skinnies. I’ve seen these boots in a heelless version on some other bloggers and I’m kind of obsessed. They’re insanely comfortable even with the heel so I can only imagine how comfy they’d be without one!



good hair day forever21 boots

Ok want to hear a slightly embarrassing story? I only have one black belt in my possession and it’s literally from my ‘skater’ days in middle school. Literally a Hurley belt with one of those slip buckles that comes off and it’s reversible. I did not actually have a regular black belt until the amazing people from Linea Pelle sent me this one, haha. I was ecstatic and it’s so perfect! Definitely a classic but edgy piece with the military style detailing that I will be wearing over and over again.

IMG_7409 IMG_7407 IMG_7406

 I feel like this outfit has kind of a fall vibe to it, no? Honestly I’m so confused about what to wear lately.. this weather is bananas. One day it’s snowing, the next day it’s 50 degrees. Who the hell knows what’s going on. Anything goes this year, that’s my motto! ;]


Leather Dressed Down

Earlier this week I showed you guys this to die for leather dress. It’s one of those items in my closet that I know I’ll keep coming back to for so many reasons. It’s comfortable and flattering, and it’s really a blank canvas. Throw it on with statement accessories and killer heels for a stunning going out look, or do what I did to make this a wearable daytime dress.

bb dakota leather dress


free people two tone jacket chanel aviators bb dakota leather dresspink wall

As I said in my previous post, this whole look was kind of unintentional. I was heading out wearing this dress with heels in my car, but threw on the sneakers to get from point A to point B in a more comfortable fashion. Someone pointed out that it was a pretty cute outfit and I have to agree, haha. Also worth mentioning, this jacket is the bomb. Seriously. It’s like the perfect jacket for the weather we’ve been having. It’s really, really cute too so you should probably buy one for yourself. ;]

IMG_7044 IMG_7050 IMG_7046

I’m a big fan of wearing sneakers with dresses, well you know… cute sneakers, not like a pair of sweaty running shoes you work out in on the reg. Although if that’s your thing then go for it! I have a pair of leopard print sneaks I’m also kind of dying to wear with this little black dress, tres chic! So! The lesson here is ladies, your LBD is not just a special occasion dress anymore! Pair it with the right accessories and it’s easy as pie to take a look like this from day to night!


Leather Dress Done Up… and Down

When you invest in pieces to put in your closet there are a few things you should always consider: will it still be wearable (“in style”) a few years from now? aka – a classic piece. Is it flattering? Don’t spend money on something that doesn’t make you feel like a 10. Finally, and most important to me, is it versatile? Can you wear it a few different ways and mix and match it with other items to create a unique look? If you’ve answered yes to any/all of these questions, then go ahead. Treat yo’self! This BB Dakota leather dress, for example, perfectly fits the versatile mold.

BB dakota leather dress


bb dakota leather dress chanel aviators roman luxe python collection necklace

This was one of those dresses that I saw on the hanger and loved, and then put it in the dressing room and was like ehhh, and then tried it on and was like OH EM GEE. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and especially by how it made me feel. (One word: meow).  The pockets make it pretty amazing too… I really am a sucker for anything with pockets, automatic bonus points.

IMG_7037 IMG_6997 IMG_7041 IMG_7039

Confession: I didn’t even realize this was a versatile dress until I went out to take these pictures and threw on a casual jacket and slip on sneakers for running around and I was like wait… this still looks good! haha, you’ll see that look later, for now enjoy my classed up night time look!

For anyone in the New Jersey area, you absolutely must stop by the brand new South Moon Under store in the Grove Shrewsbury for their grand opening party this Saturday! Nicky Hilton will be stopping by to sign copies of her new book, plus giveaways, snacks and sips, and amazing shopping opportunities! See the flyer for more details, hope to see you there! If you can’t make it to the event but still want to go on a South Moon Under shopping spree, visit my Instagram tonight at 8:00pm for the chance to win a $1,000 gift card!



Black, White, and Fringe, oh my!

There may be giant snow piles in the background of these photos, but make no mistake, spring it on its way! I’m kind of excited that this will (hopefully) be one of the last outfits I post with a winter vibe to it. I’m looking forward to injecting a lot of color into my wardrobe the next few months! I love my black and white looks but I also love me some color!




leather and fringe h&m feather vest h&m fringe bag

I keep forgetting I own half my wardrobe, that ever happen to you? A few weeks ago my husband and father-in-law redid my closet so I finally got a chance to organize it the way I usually do and I found like 20 different things I thought I had lost, this bag being one of them, haha.

IMG_6104 IMG_6106 IMG_6101

This necklace was my everything, I was so in love with it… and about 3 minutes after these pictures were taken Kennedy chewed right through it. WAHH! Thankfully my mother-in-law caught all the beads so hopefully we can string it back together. Until we meet again, favorite necklace, until we meet again.


My Cinderella Moment

When Kleinfeld’s calls you and invites you to their showroom to play dress up and have your very own Cinderella moment to celebrate the new movie coming out… you say yes! I may already have said yes to the dress (almost 5 years ago, omg) but that doesn’t mean I don’t jump at the chance to put a wedding dress on again whenever I can!



IMG_6797 IMG_6796 IMG_6786 IMG_6785 IMG_6784 IMG_6783 IMG_6781 IMG_6780 IMG_6778

How insane is this dress?! It’s honestly so different from anything I’ve ever even seen before and I knew it had to be the one I wore! You can’t really tell from the pictures, but it’s actually like a big fancy shower curtain, haha! It was so heavy too. Definitely not one of those flowy wedding dresses you can twirl around the dance floor in but that’s totally fine because it’s really pretty and that’s all that matters. ;] The day started off with the Glam Squad doing our hair and makeup, which is the best way to start your day, if you ask me, then we went downstairs into the accessories department and picked out shoes. I snagged a pair of Jimmy Choo’s that were covered in big crystals, so they obviously reminded me of her glass slippers! The day continued with a fun photoshoot in the Kleinfeld’s showroom, ending with an impromptu shopping spree downstairs in the shoe section. shhh! ;] Click on the pictures below to see some behind the scenes snaps!

This day was no joke, I absolutely felt like Cinderella thanks to the Glam Squad and the amazing staff at Kleinfelds! Side note: have you guys ever heard of the Glam Squad? Like, THE Glam Squad? It’s a downloadable app that will send a hair and makeup crew to you within an hour! (available only for NYC, LA, and Miami residents at the moment). It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever and I will be taking full advantage of their services next time I’m in the city! Another fun fact definitely worth mentioning, Kleinfeld is not just for brides! Anyone can shop their shoes and accessories. I strolled out of there with the cutest pair of Kate Spade shoes that I cannot wait for you guys to see!

A special thank you to everyone who made the day possible & made me feel like a princess again!
Kleinfeld of course! @KleinfeldBridal
Baked by Melissa @BakedbyMelissa
The Glam Squad @GlamSquad



Dining with The DJ: Parts 1, 2, and 3

Yay it’s finally here! I am so excited to let you guys watch my first 3 episodes of Dining with the DJ. There are more parts than usual because my story telling skills are so amazing they couldn’t cut me off! haha Kidding…. kind of.. you’ll see what I mean. ;]

As I said in my previous post, Artem of NinetyThree Entertainment is a dear old friend of mine! Artem was one of my first friends I ever made in college. I remember constantly looking at him in awe, every time we talked I couldn’t help but think, wow, this kid really has his shit together… and that’s a pretty impressive feat for an 18 year old. Artem has always been driven and dedicated, and recently he started NinetyThree Entertainment; a company to take care of all your entertainment needs for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and so much more! Artem serves as Principal Event Host – helping coordinate all of the entertainment elements, serving as Master of Ceremonies, and programming the music portions based on your and your guests’ tastes. When we sat down for dinner at David Todd’s in Morristown we caught up on old times, talked a bit about fashion and blogging, and really got to take a look into Artem’s mind and see what makes him such a successful entrepreneur. The passion he exudes when talking about his business is so admirable, but don’t take my word for it, just watch!

Dining with the DJ; Episode 1

Dining with the DJ; Episode 2

Dining with the DJ; Episode 3

A special thank you to GBH events, David Todd’s City Tavern, and of course, Artem! I had such a blast filming this segment! Stay tuned because next week you’ll see the final episodes!

For more information on the amazing people I worked with to put this together click the links below!

NinetyThree Entertainment
GBH Events
David Todd’s City Tavern, Morristown NJ

(To see the outfit post of what I wearing this night, go here!)


Cool off with Mint Julep

Have you guys ever seen ice boating? While taking these pictures my best friend and I were fascinated with this sport we had never seen before! We were about the only people in our area who had never witnessed this before apparently because just about everyone we spoke to thought we were pretty dumb for not knowing what it was. Well excuse us!

mint julep maxi dress


MINT julep maxi dress mint julep maxi dress

This maxi dress is everything! I am SO in love with it. It is so gorgeous and perfect for the summer, I literally cannot wait for you guys to see it! I layered it with a long sleeve top and closed toe heels to make it work for the colder temps because I seriously couldn’t wait until the spring or summer to wear it. It has a halter top style top and the print is so gorgeous. It’s the kind of dress that can easily go from a day at the beach to water front cocktails with just a change of shoes.

IMG_6091 IMG_6094 IMG_6098 IMG_6099These Rocksbox earrings are the things dreams are made of. They are the first items I’ve received that I really considered hanging on to… but alas, I sent them back. It was a very tough decision but I have a pair SO similar so I bit the bullet and sent them in. Maybe shed a tear or two in the process…maybe.


This is a funny little outtake, which I rarely ever post but I always have so many, ha. This one literally cracks me up because my bestie was SO so concerned with the boats behind me, she kept taking pictures of them instead of me, haha. But I mean, we’ve lived right by Red Bank our entire lives and we’ve never seen this before, it was pretty amazing.

So now for my special announcement! I recently got a chance to catch up with a dear friend of mine, Artem Lomaz of NinetyThree Entertainment, to discuss blogging and style tips, wedding do’s and don’ts, my love affair with certain celebrities, growing up with my husband, and much more! Artem serves as a Principal Event Host helping to coordinate all of the entertainment elements for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and so much more. We sat down to an incredible meal at David Todd’s City Tavern in Morristown and caught up for a series he has previously introduced called ‘Dining with the DJ.’  You can watch all of our episodes soon, but for now here’s a little preview.

Dining With The DJ: Rachel Ross Preview from NinetyThree Entertainment on Vimeo.

Special thanks to:

Artem Lomaz of NinetyThree Entertainment
GBH Events
David Todd’s


Semi Casual

Remember when I posted last week and was like, heyyy I’m gonna wear nothing but sneakers for a while and give my feet a break from the extremely painful and uncomfortable heels…. yeah I lied.
rocksbox necklace TOP: FOREVER21 (SO old! See Mavatar collection below for more options*)  || JEANS: H&M || COAT: EXPRESS || NECKLACE: C/O ROCKSBOX || SHOES: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ‘SO KATE‘ || SHADES: URBAN OUTFITTERS || BAG: LINEA PELLE (on sale now!!)

express coat

IMG_5730 rocksbox

When I posted a picture of this necklace on my instagram last week I got a ton of comments about my shirt. Surprisingly, this is almost 10 years old, haha! I’ve literally had it since AT LEAST 2007, if not earlier. I held on to it because I knew turtlenecks would come back into style eventually. While this one is most definitely no longer available, I threw together some of my favorite turtleneck finds in my newest Mavatar collection below!

IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5734

 So it’s March! And hopefully that means we’ll be getting a lot of sunshine and warm weather on the East Coast sometime soon! I’m not normally one to complain about snow, but these bitter cold days we have had were occurring all too often! I am so ready for sun dresses and open toe shoes, amiright? Don’t forget to check out my newest Mavatar collection below stocked full with turtlenecks of all different styles hand picked just for you! AND! I am super excited to announce something I have been working on later this week and I literally cannot wait for you guys to see it so be sure to stop back soon! :]

Shop My Mavatar Cart

The Classics

Every now and then I travel into the city to meet with clients. I used to get all dolled up, throwing my most uncomfortable heels in a much too large tote just to sit through a two hour meeting with bleeding feet. Recently, with how cold it has been, I’ve decided to ditch the heels and the oversized luggage and just kick it casual.

adidas seeley

COAT: AMERICAN RAG || BRALETTE: VICTORIA’S SECRET || TOP: H&M (similar) || LEATHER PANTS: H&M (similar) || SNEAKS: ADIDAS || BAG: CHANEL (similar styles here, here, here) || SHADES: CHANEL (no longer available, similar here) || NECKLACE: VAN CLEEF & ARPELS (MUCH cheaper alternative here)

leather pants adidas seeley adidas seeley black

Style tip: shopping in the kids section will save you money, haha! Like 6 months ago I told my husband I wanted to find a pair of Sambas or Gazelles… remember those? Anyone who was anyone wore Sambas back in the day, like middle school back in the day. I used to love mine, so I set out on a mission to find myself a new pair. Took forever, seriously, and every time I found a retailer that carried them they never had my size. SO, as I was about to give up and just order a pair online I came across these beauties and fell in love. They are so comfortable, I mean obviously, they’re sneakers, but they’re also super chic. Paired with these leather pants and a white button up they looked perfectly fancy.

american rag houndstooth coat white tunic white tunic chanel shades chanel aviators IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5729

I think I may officially give up on putting my feet through insane torture and just stick to wearing these sneakers instead, haha. I also got pretty lucky because the day I wandered into the city it was one of the warmest day so far. Nothing beats exploring the city streets in the sunshine, amiright? I mean, anything is better with warmer weather. That is not debatable.



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