The Classics

Every now and then I travel into the city to meet with clients. I used to get all dolled up, throwing my most uncomfortable heels in a much too large tote just to sit through a two hour meeting with bleeding feet. Recently, with how cold it has been, I’ve decided to ditch the heels and the oversized luggage and just kick it casual.

adidas seeley

COAT: AMERICAN RAG || BRALETTE: VICTORIA’S SECRET || TOP: H&M (similar) || LEATHER PANTS: H&M (similar) || SNEAKS: ADIDAS || BAG: CHANEL (similar styles here, here, here) || SHADES: CHANEL (no longer available, similar here) || NECKLACE: VAN CLEEF & ARPELS (MUCH cheaper alternative here)

leather pants adidas seeley adidas seeley black

Style tip: shopping in the kids section will save you money, haha! Like 6 months ago I told my husband I wanted to find a pair of Sambas or Gazelles… remember those? Anyone who was anyone wore Sambas back in the day, like middle school back in the day. I used to love mine, so I set out on a mission to find myself a new pair. Took forever, seriously, and every time I found a retailer that carried them they never had my size. SO, as I was about to give up and just order a pair online I came across these beauties and fell in love. They are so comfortable, I mean obviously, they’re sneakers, but they’re also super chic. Paired with these leather pants and a white button up they looked perfectly fancy.

american rag houndstooth coat white tunic white tunic chanel shades chanel aviators IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5729

I think I may officially give up on putting my feet through insane torture and just stick to wearing these sneakers instead, haha. I also got pretty lucky because the day I wandered into the city it was one of the warmest day so far. Nothing beats exploring the city streets in the sunshine, amiright? I mean, anything is better with warmer weather. That is not debatable.


Heat Wave

Aaaaaand the warm weather is gone. It’s like the end of a sad movie… I can actually see the warm day leaving in slow motion. Cue depressing music. Cue the tears.



clothes over bros clothes over bros leather jacket

I feel like I have to give Old Navy a shout out here. I have been searching the globe for the perfect pair of black booties, i think I literally tried on at least 50 pairs over the past few months, no joke. I didn’t fall in love with any of them, and I was about to drop over $100 on a pair from Aldo that were nice, but not amazing. I was getting desperate when I wandered into Old Navy with the intention of checking out their active wear when I discovered these amazing boots. They were everything I was looking for! They are the perfect height, sturdy heel, and super comfortable. Not to mention, they were $30… schwing!

uphoria boutique shades snowtastrophe

Despite the fact that I was surrounded by snow it was actually delightfully warm this day. Aaaaand then it got freezing again, and then it got warm again, and now it’s cold again. I blame the cold for this never ending cold I have! When I was on vacation my health was on point, the second I stepped off the plane I felt my cough coming back. I need the warm weather to come and to stay, much like I think we all do! Either that or I’m relocated to the west coast next year.

IMG_8908 IMG_8914 IMG_8918 IMG_8971

This is pretty much my uniform 6, if not 7, days out of the week. While I love any and all excuses to get dressed up, in all reality, I’m a mother of two and I run my company out of my home… there are not a whole lot of reasons for me to wear anything more than a Snuggie most days, for real.

IMG_8929 IMG_8944 FullSizeRender

This t-shirt from Uphoria Boutique in Little Silver, New Jersey is my go-to when I want to wear more than just a standard white t-shirt. It’s extra loose, which I love, but the snarky saying on the front is my cherry on top. Tina, the owner of my favorite little shop, has a ton of cute tops like this always on stock! If you’re ever in the area definitely stop by, but also feel free to shop right from their online store!


Leather and… Leather.

So we had a mini short lived heat wave this week… literally just one little day. What a tease! I’d honestly rather just have it be super cold until it gets hot than have the back and forth. My poor little heart can’t take it! However, I jumped at the chance to wear my new favorite coat because I’m actually obsessed with it. Behold.

leather and canvas jacket


leather detail leather sleeves LEATHER coat

Ok but seriously, I really am obsessed with this coat. Like 5 years ago, if not more, I saw the classic Burberry trench with the leather sleeves and actually fell in love. If I could marry an inanimate object, it would be that coat. But of course it was WAY out of my price range, so I just admired it from afar. I’ve been on the hunt ever since for something similar that’s within my budget but never loved what I found…until recently. I spotted this bad boy at H&M a few weeks ago and nearly died. It’s everything I ever dreamed of and more!

IMG_5086 IMG_5112 IMG_5113 IMG_5092

This sweater, also from H&M…. I swear I shop at other places…really…. is my new favorite sweater of all time. I am always looking for tops with a little extra length because I loathe my upper thighs, but they always fall at awkward lengths. This sweater falls at the perfect spot and it’s so comfortable! I’m thinking about going back and getting a few more in whatever other colors they have available! And you should do the same… even if you like your thighs, because it’s that awesome.


#DIY: The Easiest, Best, Most Thoughtful Present Ever.

When Valentine’s Day was rolling around and I was scrambling for a present idea (as usual) I had thought of this and went back to my Pinterest to find the original pin, when I realized I had not re-pinned! I hadn’t even LIKED the friggen thing. So, this present was thrown together from memory, but I’m pretty sure it’s spot on, and if it isn’t, it’s a pretty amazing gift idea anyway so it’s cool.


romantic gift ideas

The idea: one ‘love note’ for every day of the year. 365 little notes that are memories, quotes and lyrics, or things you love about the person you’re giving the gift to.

What you need: a container large enough to hold 365 pieces of scrap paper – I bought a big container of cheese balls (a decision I really, truly regret. I. ATE. THEM. ALL.) emptied them out into a big bowl, and cleaned out the container. || 3 different colors of construction paper. And that is really pretty much it.

What you do: Separate the construction paper by categories: I used white for quotes and lyrics, pink for memories, and red for things I love about him. Write a little note for each thing.

TIP: START EARLY!!!! I took on this endeavor a few days before Valentine’s Day and I grossly underestimated how long it would take me. Nevermind the fact that you have to think of 365 things, you have to write them all down (or type them, but I wanted the personal touch of handwriting them) AND cutting them out, THEN folding them! My god guys, I had carpal tunnel by the time I was done, seriously. Bottom line, plan ahead. And any time you think of something that could work as a ‘love note,’ write it down, put it in your phone, do whatever you have to do to remember it because you will be scrambling for things by the time you reach the 300 mark.

This is perfect for: Birthdays, anniversaries, any holiday! This is a pretty romantic gift, so it was perfect for Valentine’s Day, but it would also be the ultimate anniversary present.

DIY romantic presents

This was the cheapest gift I’ve ever given, save for a macaroni picture frame from my pre-school days, but it was the most thoughtful present my husband has ever received. Now he just needs the patience to go through this one day at a time because every time he looks at it he wants to go through every single one note in one sitting.

Side note: I’ll be back with outfit posts soon, but this arctic tundra I’m living in has sucked all motivation out of me to stand outside for even 10 seconds longer than I have to, to take outfit pics. Also, I haven’t really worn anything other than sweat pants in a week sooooo, there’s that.


Travel Diaries: Feminine Florals

This is the last post from my short lived vacation and it saddens me! I’m sitting here in my dark dining room typing away, awaiting the impending snow storm, staring at pictures of myself in a delicate little romper and sandals. I’d sell a limb for warmer weather right now!

uphoria boutique rompre

ROMPER: UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar style here, here) || SANDALS: TARGET (similar) || SHADES: RAY BANS || BAG: MOLLY & ZOEY (similar)


When I finally booked my vacation the first place I went was Uphoria Boutique. The store uploaded a few pictures of their new arrivals the day before I left and I had hearts in my eyes when I saw this romper. It’s incredibly low cut, so I kept the small safety pin from the tag and used it to secure the top when I went out to dinner. There is nothing more uncomfortable then spending your entire night adjusting yourself making sure you’re not having a 40 Year Old Virgin speed dating moment, amiright?

target sandals shop uphoria boutique
uphoria boutique floral romper
IMG_3999 IMG_4001

This was our third and final night in Naples. We went back to Marco island for dinner at this place called Mango’s…I think? eek! But wherever it was the view was incredible! My cousin and I had a very romantic dinner date, haha! Here are some pictures from this night and the rest of our trip.



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Travel Diaries: Don’t be Crabby

I bought this shirt from H&M a few weeks ago before I had even booked my vacation. I had planned on just holding on to it until the summer, but it was the first thing I packed after I planned my trip. It has such a breezy vibe to it, it’s the perfect top to wear to a beach side dinner.

dont be crabby


don't be crabby

blue mirrored ray ban aviators orange linea pelle dylan tote don't be crabby

The weather in Naples was so amazing. We spent most of our time at the beach, which was perfect. The sun was hot but there was a constant breeze which made the heat seem bearable. That is ideal weather, isn’t it?

IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4081Another amazing accessory shot by Molly! haha, she’s got a gift! If you are ever in the Marco Island area you need to check out Doreen’s Cup of Joe for breakfast! The decor is like everything Shabby Chic you absolutely love in Home Goods, put together in a very neat fashion from DIY chalk boards to antique wood tables. It is so charming! We also swear their food is magic. We both ordered french toast, hers with fruit, mine with cannoli cream filling…. I was on vacation, don’t judge me. We ate almost everything and didn’t feel stuffed, ya know? Like I didn’t hate myself after I scoffed down 3 slices of thick french toast smothered in cannoli cream. We loved it so much we went back the next day. This time we opted for the donut holes appetizer and both ate something a LITTLE healthier. The donut holes are reason enough to visit this place, promise! Here’s another gorgeous photo of my cousin! (she’s probably mad at me for posting these, haha, but she’s beautiful! Love you, Moll!)


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Travel Diaries: Part Uno

So remember my last post when I said I needed to get away for a little mental vacation? Yeah. Totally did that. My cousin and I jet set off to warmer temperatures for a quick (WAY TOO QUICK) girls weekend! I think I must have been a flower in a past life because the sun light literally awakens me! It was exactly what I needed.

black romper floral kimono


IMG_4003 IMG_4004 IMG_4007

I seemed to have inherited the worst things from my mother’s side of the family. She is Greek, Italian, and Irish. I got the Greek hair, Irish skin, and Italian temper. Lovely. Just lovely. I would have loved Italian and Greek skin, with the Irish luck (and drinking ability, no such luck, obviously). You would think after days of doing nothing but baking myself under the hot sun I’d have at least something to show for it.

IMG_4006 So right before I left for vacation, literally right before…the day before, I remembered that my two puppies ate my favorite pairs of sandals at the end of the summer. Awesome. So I ran to Target to see if they had any summer footwear on stock. Much to my surprise, and delight, they had a TON of sandals and flip flops on clearance, PLUS an extra 50% off. I got a pair of flip flops for $.88 guys. 88 CENTS! Say whaaat? Cray. These sandals were only $7. I love me a good deal!  IMG_4010

** Interest in trying out the Rocksbox service? Use code RACHELBFF64 at & get your first month free!! **  IMG_4005

This little dock was one of my cousin’s favorite places (her family has owned a condo down here for years, this is like her second home…literally). Her Grandfather also loved this spot. We sat out here for a while and looked at all the wild life. There was a giant turtle bobbing along below us that was just adorable. By the way, how beautiful is my cousin? Girlfriend has a gift for getting the perfect accessory shot, as seen above. haha!


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What Juno About That?

Ok, so 1. I think my husband would kill me if he knew I was out and about in these boots during our snow storm the other day, haha! Don’t worry, they’re weather proofed! 2. Rain boots are not snow boots. Learned that the hard way. 3. I need snow boots. BUT! All in all, Juno was actually pretty fun. I love how much Char loves the snow, but I mean, don’t all kids? I need to get myself some actual winter gear so I can seriously play with my little ones outside, ha.

stuart weitzman over the knee boots



Believe it or not, I was actually pretty warm. After the snow settled down the sun was shining and it was pretty beautiful out. I had very thick over the knee socks on, plus the tights, plus the boots, my legs were warrrrrm. This scarf is seriously no joke too, it’s SO thick and warm! As is the sweater. Perfect for cold winter days and nights!

winter layers winter layers shop uphoria hatHave you guys heard about RocksBox yet? Whoever came up with this service is a genius. For a very low monthly fee ($19) they send you a box of insane jewelry that’s yours to borrow or buy at a discount if you really love it! Send everything back at no cost to you, (they send you a pre-paid shipping label!) and then they’ll send you your next month’s pieces! These black quartz earrings are drool worthy, I think I may have to purchase them, eek! If you want to try the service, use code RACHELBFF64 at & get your first month FREE! 

winter layers winter layers shop uphoria boutique IMG_3654 IMG_3652 IMG_3642 I needed a little something extra between the boots and the skirt and I’ve been dying to wear these maroon tights for a while now. The skirt is actually a dress I layered under the sweater. I’ve had it for years now, it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet due to its versatility. It’s so cute in the summer with strappy gladiator sandals, or in the spring paired with this exact leather jacket and wedges. So yes, ladies! You can wear your favorite summer dress year round, just layer up like I did! Here’s a quick little snap from our snow day fun day! Please ignore my heinous ski mittens, they’re my moms! hahaha, seriously, I need to be better prepared for snow days going forward!

snow day


50 Shades of White

I am a big fan of white in winter. If the temperatures weren’t frigid I think wearing little white dresses with a snowy backdrop would just be perfection. However, it is insanely cold, especially now during winter storm ‘Juno,’ so I suppose some white layers will just have to do!

winter white


urban peach boutique earringswinter whiteexpress long pea coat

I’m a pretty big fan of the jewelry here. This amazing necklace was a birthday present from one of my besties, Jay! I couldn’t wait to wear it. These earrings are from Urban Peach Boutique, and I have been eyeing a pair so similar to these I literally jumped at the chance to get them! They’re like a fun mullet; low key party in the front, serious party in the back.

winter white urban peach double sided earrings IMG_3456 IMG_3457 IMG_3465 IMG_3466

The scuffing on my shoes kind of looks like a heart… I should probably go get the soles protected on all of my expensive shoes. Have you ever done that? I’m so annoyed because the Jimmy Choo bar on the back of my moto boots is falling off and I always forget to take them to get repaired…. until I’m wearing them. And then it’s like obviously I can’t take them anywhere to get fixed because then I wouldn’t have shoes. UGH. My mommy brain is in need of a serious mental vacation! ;] Anyway! Hope you guys are staying warm in the storm! I’m still trying to get over this flu I had two weeks ago! I have a cough that has apparently moved in with me for the time being. WAH. I’ve tried every trick in the book to get rid of it so if you have any cough remedies you swear by, PLEASE, please for the love of god, share them with me!! :]


As If

Cher Horowitz is my spirit animal. I don’t know any girl that doesn’t wish she had a revolving closet that perfectly picked out outfits for them. I was a tad too young to dress like her the first time around, but when the 90’s came back around in the 2000’s I was stoked.


flannel shirt dress the rachel ross clueless style

This was another bunch styled over the seriously warm weekend that seems completely irrelevant now. What a tease! I actually wore this outfit for my birthday dinner with Matt about a month ago and nearly froze to death. It was a pleasure to be able to wear this without chattering teeth for an accessory!

stuart weitzman otk boots the rachel ross flannel shirt dress

I literally can’t say enough good things about these boots. They are comfortable and seriously sexy. They dress up any outfit. I’ve worn these boots for an entire day before and didn’t feel the need to soak my feet in an ice bath after or wear flats for an entire week. If you are going to save your pennies for a pair of splurge-worthy shoes, it should be these or Valentino Rock Studs, which are equally as comfortable.

IMG_2058 IMG_2059 IMG_2060

If you haven’t caught on yet, this is my new favorite bag. I’ll probably be using this pretty often until I get a new bag to obsess over, but until then, this is it. I’m looking forward to the spring when I can pair it with an ultra feminine sun dress!




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