Buns & Flats and Buns & Flats

Sounds like boots and pants and boots and pants, right? Now it’s stuck in my head. It’ll probably be there (and ruin) my whole day, so I apologize if the same happens to you, but I couldn’t help sharing.

uphoria boutique top

TOP: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE* (similar) || JEANS: AG JEANS || FLATS: GAP || SHADES: RAY BAN || BAG: LINEA PELLE || NECKLACE: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE* (similar here) || RING: C/O ROMAN & SUNSTONE (no longer available, similar here)

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 UPHORIA I’ve been dying to wear this shirt since the day I got it! I was going to wear it to a best friend’s birthday celebration a week or two ago and I’m glad I didn’t because when I walked in…she was wearing it. HA. We are forever twinning, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but wearing the same thing as someone else to a small house party isn’t always great. She looked amazing though. Paired this open back top with a long black maxi skirt and black slip on sneaks. She looked supaaaaah chic!

photo 3-1 photo 3 photo 4-1 uphoria boutique These flats are the bees knees! I scored them at a GAP outlet last fall and they quickly became my go-to’s for the season. As far as I’m concerned, leopard print is a neutral, especially in this dark mix of black and gray, they go with just about everything and they’re so comfortable. I love! I’m also loving the slight chill in the air! I’ve officially taken my first trip to Delicious Orchards, a fall staple in the state of NJ no matter where in the state you reside. With the first trip of the year under my belt I can finally put my summer sadness behind me and get stoked for fall! weeee :]

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Rachel 1


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Fake it ’til You Make it.

As any fashion enthusiast will tell you, the first thing you need to know about your fall wardrobe is: layering is key. I’ve already touched on this in my post last week by explaining that layering is a must for fall weather since you never really know what you’re going to get. Mornings are cool, afternoons are warm, like a lady going through menopause. SO! Rock the layers, or fake them like I did with this gorgeous double layer sweater.

uphoria boutique sweater


* Uphoria Boutique is in the middle of updating their online store! Visit their Instagram and order through there!

DSC_2946 DSC_2958 uphoria boutique

Why I love this sweater is simple: you get the flawless look of perfectly layered garments without the bunchy awkwardness of actually layering your shirts. I don’t know about you guys, but I have yet to master (or even barely accomplish) that technique. I’m always all bunched in the wrong spots, I can barely move my arms because the layers are too thick. It’s just wrong. This sweater creates the look of layering without having to worry about any of that nonsense. It’s also super light which is perfect for early fall weather but fits great under a leather moto jacket (which I totally wore it with, duh).

DSC_2970 uphoria boutique DSC_2980 uphoria boutique

Ok guys, if you have been debating whether or not to splurge on some sort of Valentino rock studs, whether it be flats or pumps, do it. JUST DO IT. Nike wants you to. But seriously. I used to think my Jimmy Choo’s were the most comfortable shoes in my closet (don’t even get me started about Louboutin’s, those shoes are not made for human feet), but these Valentino’s change the game. They’re comfortable and flattering and the colors are so fun! They also go with just about anything! See how I wore them to NYFW here. They are worth every penny, promise!

DSC_3005 DSC_3013 DSC_3028

uphoria boutique

How cute is this pup? She was walking by and just decided to sit right smack dab in the middle of our shoot and look all stoic! She totes wanted her picture taken. She’s rocking the fur trend this fall…. ha ha ha ;]

Photography by: Drew Elia

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The Mini Fashionista: Back to School

Ok, the title of this post is a tad misleading. I have a two year old. She’s obviously not going back to school. HOWEVER, she is obsessed with the idea of going to school. She is going as far as potty training herself because my husband once told her she can’t go to school if she’s not potty trained. So to get a rise out of her I take her ‘back to school’ shopping. She gets a kick out of it.

the mini fashionista


photo 1-9 photo 2-9 photo 3-9

Charlotte is quickly approaching the age where she loves to get dressed by herself and pick out her own clothes. If I want her to wear something that I think is cute, I have to act reeeaaaallllll excited about it, which I usually am, I love shopping for this little nugget. The letterman jacket and high tops were basically love at first sight.

photo 2-10 photo 4-7

photo 1-8

Taking these photos I got a little glimpse of what my future is going to be like. I had her sit on the steps as if we were waiting for the school bus. I got a little emotional, not gonna lie, ha! I also had Booms (Kennedy, her nickname is Booms, Char is Boog) outside with us and snapped a few quick pics ol’ Blue Eyes.

photo 4-8 photo 5-7

She’s 4 months old today! Happy 4 months K dog, mommy loves you! :]


Layer Up.

So it is (almost) officially fall! Maybe not by the calendar, but definitely by the weather. I’m kind of sad, I was really into my summer wardrobe this year, ha. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a good pair of boots and some layers, right?

uphoria boutique


*Uphoria is in the process of revamping their online store. Visit their Instagram page and feel free to place order requests right in the comments!

photo 1-2 photo 2-2 uphoria boutique Fall is all about layering, especially early on in the season. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to freezing cold temps, getting dressed, and going about your day only to have the temperature rise about 10 degrees and sweating like a pig for the rest of the day. Layer up in the morning so you can dress accordingly throughout the day without looking… well… inappropriate! This top is amazing because the tie around the waist adds a little flare to an otherwise regular black shirt. Don’t even get me started on this sweater. It’s perfection.

photo 1-3photo 4-2 uphoria These boots are my everything! On our anniversary trip I had the choice between these boots and my Valentino rock stud pumps. Here’s the deal, about 3 years ago I found a pair of those Valentino pumps and I wanted them so bad! Unfortunately, I opted for a pair of Louboutin’s instead and have been regretting the decision ever since. As was the case with the boots. I found them at the Stuart Weitzman store, however, they only had them in charcoal. I desperately wanted black. So I went to the Valentino store and saw the rock studs in pink… trying to decide between the boots and the pumps was basically like Sophie’s Choice. I ultimately chose the Valentino’s, but talked about the boots non-stop since we left the store. About a week later, I can home to a gigantic box waiting for me on my front porch. My husband found the boots in black and surprised me. See… I knew I kept him around for something! ;]

photo 3-2


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New York Fashion Week: Pops of Pink

Fashion Week is such an exciting time of year! There is always something to do, somewhere to go, people to see! It’s kind of like Christmas, but without all of the terrible presents you have to pretend to like. Just a bunch of terrible outfits we have to pretend to admire instead… ;]

new york fashion week


photo 1-1 photo 2-1 new york fashion week This was such a fantastic day! The weather was supposed to be crappy and rainy, but it ended up being pretty beautiful, except for the heat which was borderline unbearable, ha. I was fortunate enough to attend a blogger brunch hosted by TheVane and catch up with some old blogger friends while meeting and making some fabulous new ones! Then we wandered over to the library on a last minute decision to see Nigel Barker speak. Let me tell you, that man is a beautiful human being, but beyond that, he is incredibly brilliant and humble. It was a great opportunity!

photo 1 photo 4-1 new york fashion week

I had a million outfit options for this particular day in the city, and I really had no idea that to wear. There is so much pressure to go out and buy a new designer outfit, right? I couldn’t deal with it, ha. I sifted through my closet and just grabbed a few of my favorite pieces. This J Crew top is light and comfortable, the skirt pops with its bright hue. And the shoes… well the shoes were a no brainer. An anniversary gift from my husband, they had to be worn! Side note: J Crew is having an awesome sale right now! Use code SHOPFORFALL at checkout to get 25% off full priced items and 30% off sale items. YAY!

photo 3 photo 5-1 photo 5 photo-1

As I said, we were all at a fun brunch hosted by TheVane at the Vanguard Wine Bar. There were so many delicious goodies to snack on! I am a huge fan of brunch food, but I mean, who isn’t? We were lucky to have this fantastic event sponsored by Air Optix and plenty of delicious beverages provided by Proximo Spirits! Here are a few pictures from brunch!

 [all photography by Jess Galfo of Dressed By Jess]


Day to Night Style: Night

IMG_2089Well thank you for waiting patiently! Now that you have all had time to take in the day-time look, check out how I styled this Old Navy graphic tee and J Crew skirt. Here is the long awaited night look! ;]

old navy holy chic graphic t

TOP: OLD NAVY || SKIRT: J CREW (similar here, here, here) || SHOES: JESSICA SIMPSON || JACKET: H&M (similar) || BAG: LINEA PELLE || NECKLACE: H&M (old, similar here)

photo 1-19 photo 1-20 j crew bell skirt night

Staying at the Plaza made the most perfect backdrop for so many outfits! HAH. The hotel is seriously gorgeous, far exceeding any expectations I could ever have. Our shower was so big you could do laps around it without ever actually getting wet. The bath tub should have just been called a hot tub, it was that big. I loved it. If I ever win the mega millions I’m buying a penthouse there, mark my words!

photo 2-18 jessica simpson pumps


So this is the same top and skirt from my day time look, which you can see here if you missed it. All I did was swap out the shoes, bag, and necklace, while adding some bold makeup to suit the occasion, and threw on a leather moto jacket for a little edge. It was a billion degrees that night in the city, but I’m glad I decided to bring my jacket because the restaurant where we had dinner was apparently located in the arctic.

j crew bell skirt night

While the day time look was super comfortable and cute, I much prefer the night time look, ha. I rarely ever put on this much makeup anymore. It reminded me of my former self (pre-children) and I enjoyed it! It felt like I was playing dress up. Also, side note, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable! I wouldn’t walk around the city in these all day and night, but a quick walk to and from a restaurant? Totally doable! Kudos, Jessica Simpson! At least your shoe game is better than your maternity collection…just saying. Anyway! Which look do you guys prefer? Don’t be shy! Leave some love.



Day to Night Style: Day

I am a habitual overpacker. Is that even a word? I’m pretty sure the entire female species can have that added to Webster’s dictionary. If there’s room for words like ‘Bootylicious’ and ‘yolo,’ I think there’s room for overpacker; n. someone who packs too much.

Anyway! I digress. As I said previously, we got to spend the weekend in the city to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. I have always been the type of person who packs just a bit too much, leaving absolutely no room in my suitcase or duffle bag for things to be purchased on vacation. My mantra was always, “hey, a girls gotta have options.” I made it my mission for this trip to pack as little as possible, and I achieved my goal by taking one look from day to night with just the change of a few key pieces. Here we’ll have a gander at my day look.

holy chic day to night look



The day we arrived into the city our hotel room wasn’t ready yet, despite our request for early checkin, so we decided to wander around Central Park for a bit. I love to explore the city regardless of the reason for my visit. No matter how many times I pop into New York (which has been many times throughout my life since I live so close) there is always something new to see. With that in mind, I decided to opt for sneakers for my day look. While a pair of flats may have been all the more fashionable, I needed to be comfortable. It was hot and there was a ton of sight seeing to be done, I wanted to enjoy myself!

photo 1-18 photo 2-16 holy chic day to night look

My hair looked okay in the morning, but after about 5 minutes of walking around outdoors it turned into a frizzy mess. It’s September… why isn’t this humidity going away?! Take a hint! Oh well, I actually had time to kill before our dinner reservation so I made a pit stop at the DryBar to tame the wild beast, which you will see when I debut the night time look! Thankfully sneaks and skirts are not scoffed at anymore, which is fabulous news for me since they’re kind of my go-to when I feel like being comfortable but still chic. I took this look from easy and relaxed to fun and edgy by switching out my shoes, necklace, and bag, and adding some bold makeup. Can’t wait for you guys to see the look!


A cute moment captured for us by an adorable Russian tourist! ;] Stop back later this week to see the night time look!


Caution: Curves Ahead

I have one of those womanly, post-baby, curvy ass bodies. I wish I could blame it on having two kids, but I can’t. I’ve always had some weird combination between lanky and curvy as far back as I can remember. It’s kind of a pain in the butt. If my legs could just stretch out a liiiiiiiittle bit, I’d be a happy camper. Is there a surgery for that?

the rachel ross palazzo pants

TOP: OBEY || PANTS: MOLLY & ZOE (last season, similar here & here) || SHOES: CHARLOTTE RUSSE || NECKLACE: H&M (similar) || HAT: FOREVER21 (similar)

IMG_0805 PALAZZO PANTSI’m so into palazzo pants. I have been on the hunt for palazzo bells, so if you’ve found a good pair someone please point them out to me! They need to be at a store where I can physically go and try them on though, keep that in mind! (I never return things online, I’m the worst). I’ve had these pants for over a year now and they’re phenom. Such a comfy fabric, so light and perfect for summer! See how I styled them last year here. Side note, I was so skinny then! UGH need to lose this baby weight ASAP! Also, I did that ombre myself bitches. (insert ‘preach’ emoji here).


the rachel ross palazzo pants palazzo pants

Remember a while back when I predicted I’d be wearing this necklace all summer? I wasn’t wrong. I’ve bought a ton of statement pieces this summer and I keep coming back to this one. I literally have to force myself to wear something else, but alas, it was just the perfect piece to compliment most of my summer wardrobe!


Plaidy Please.

This past weekend my husband and I got to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary! We took a mini road trip to the city and got to spend two days relaxing in pure bliss! The day we left to head home the weather was supposed to be awful, rainy, cloudy and miserable. However, we got super lucky! It was gorgeous out, HOT, but still gorgeous. So maybe we spent a little extra time perusing the city… ;]

the rachel ross plaid shirt dress


THE RACHEL ROSS PLAID SHIRT DRESS the rachel ross plaid dress

I basically live in flannel in the fall, I legitimately wear it with everything. I was super excited to find this plaid shirt dress at Forever21 last week, it’s a refreshing way to update one of my typical wardrobe staples. This is also a fantastic garment to take from day-to-night. I didn’t wear it this way but if I were to head out to dinner later I’d swap out the sneakers for some thigh-high black boots. I tried on a pair of Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots over the weekend, and they look freaking phenomenal on me, in case anyone was wondering, haha!

photo 2-14 photo 3-11 the rachel ross plaid shirt dress

The sneakers were key for sight seeing around the city. We wandered aimlessly through the South Street Sea Port, which is one of my favorite sections of New York (right under 5th Ave, of course). We discovered fun little hole-in-the-wall bars and snacked on the most refreshing ice cream ever that pretty much melted upon exiting the store. It was a seriously hot day, muggy and gross! My ice cream ended up everywhere. I found melted sprinkles in my shoes like hours later. I’m so ready for the humidity to go bye-bye!

I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend! Now it’s back to reality, right? Womp womp!



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