Stripe A Pose

I usually wait until the end of the post to talk about my Mavatar collection, but I am so excited I must start the post with it! 100% of the proceeds from this collection will be graciously donated to the St. Jude’s Children Hospital by the amazing people behind Mavatar! I’ve put together pretty much a Christmas List in this collection, so shop along without guilt, knowing your money is going to a great cause very near and dear to my heart!

striped crop top

SHIRT: H&M (similar here, here, here) || PANTS: FOREVER21 (similar here, here, here) || SCARF: H&M (old, similar here) || JACKET: H&M (similar) || SHOES: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN || BAG: LINEA PELLE || SHADES: URBAN OUTFITTERS || NECKLACE: ZARA

striped crop top striped crop top URBAN outfitters shades

If you’re looking for an easy way to wear a crop top into the cooler months, look for one that is long sleeved. You’re not going to get the same breezy summer look as you would with a short sleeve or tank crop top, but since it’s the winter I wouldn’t really think that’s a look you’re going for right now anyway. Also, this one in particular has a little extra length than the normal crops, so you’re not exposing too much to the cold.

IMG_7815 IMG_7816 IMG_7817

I love these pants. They’re like high waisted track pants that tie around the waist in the most flattering spot! I snagged them almost two years ago from Forever21 and they’re all over the place now. Everyone should own a pair, they’re super easy to dress up or down, as well as being comfortable and flattering. After a night out in this outfit I slipped on my favorite Nine West slip on sneaks to make this look a little more relaxed. IMG_7818 IMG_7822 IMG_7823linea pelle bagThe weather yesterday was simply amazing, wasn’t it? If it could stay like this until Christmas day, then snow, then get warm again I’d be perfectly happy. Anwyay! Don’t forget to shop my Mavatar collection by clicking the button below! As I said up there, 100% of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to the St. Jude’s Children Hospital. So get in the holiday spirit and do a little shopping to give back! Santa’s watching….

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From the Window Pane Print to the Wall

Til the sweat drop down my…. ok that’s enough. This song brings me back to the days of school dances… not at my school, because I don’t think they would ever play this song but the epic CBA school dances. Holler if you’re from NJ and know what I’m talking about, haha!

window pane print blouse the rachel ross

SWEATER: NORDSTROM (similar, similar) || SHIRT: H&M (similar, similar) || SHORTS: H&M (similar) || TIGHTS: FOREVER21 || SHOES: FOREVER21 (similar, similar) || SHADES: URBAN OUTFITTERS || BAG: CHANEL (similar) || NECKLACE: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE

window pane print top the rachel ross window pane print top the rachel ross window pane print top the rachel ross window pane print top the rachel ross

Leather shorts with tights are one of my absolute favorite looks for fall and winter! I love pairing tights with pieces that would not normally be worn in the cooler months, like a sun dress for example. It’s a fantastic way to drag out the wearability of your summer wardrobe.

window pane print top the rachel ross window pane print top the rachel ross window pane print top the rachel ross window pane print top the rachel ross

window pane print top the rachel ross

I wore this outfit for what was supposed to be a regular date night out with the hubs, that ended up being one of the most interesting nights of my life, HA. I won’t get into details, but it was a first for me, I’ll just say that. You can also kind of see the pink in my hair that I have been trying like hell to wash out since last week! Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with it, but I have something coming up I need to have normal hair for! Which I really can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! eeeek! ;] Um, by the way, it is getting WAY too damn cold out to take any decent blog pictures. I’m going to have to start investing in some really cute coats because that’s about all you will be seeing me wear very soon. bah hum bug!


Casual Hump Day

The title of this post just made me laugh out loud… I kind of meant it as like, casual Friday, but it’s Hump Day, so you know, casual Hump Day… I’m watching Anchorman 2, I blame it on their sick humor. Please don’t go out and casually hump anyone.

will wake up for bacon t shirt

SHIRT: TARGET (in stores only, similar here, here) || LEGGINGS: BEBE || SNEAKS: NINE WEST C/O DSW || SWEATER: H&M (similar here) || HAT: H&M (similar here) || SHADES: FOREVER21 || RING: C/O ROMAN LUXE



This shirt is actually a pajama top… which is quite fitting because for the last 6 days I have been basically dying with “gastrointestinitis.” SO I pretty much just laid around in my pajamas since last Thursday praying for death. Not really, but really. On Saturday I was so sick my parents had to come pick up the girls in the morning and as soon as they left my husband force fed me Nyquil and I slept until Sunday. I woke up maybe twice to pee. Soooooo yeah, I’m feeling better now THANK YOU LAWD. The point being, slowly dying or not, still gotta look cute. Or at least wear cute clothes.  [See how I previously styled this shirt for Sunday brunch here).

IMG_6887 IMG_6889 IMG_6890

nine west sneakers IMG_5590

Side note; these are my new favorite shoes. You would think that because they’re, like, holy? (I honestly can’t think of the word right now, I’m still so fatigued ha) that my feet would be cold, but they weren’t. AND they’re the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I feel like I say that a lot but in all honesty guys, it’s like walking around on miniature clouds.

IMG_6892 IMG_6893-1

Also! Since being sick I have finished/caught up with every show that we are currently watching. We need a new show to get hooked on, so leave some suggestions! Much appreciated. Ok guys, it took a lot out of me writing this post. I’m going to go take a nap now ;] Hope you are all having a much better week and a fantastic hump day!


The Mini Fashionista C’est La Vie

Forever21 has the cutest clothes, don’t they? Sometimes I judge older women shopping around the store but then I think about it and I’m like… well hell as long as I fit in their clothes I’m gonna be shopping here too. The fact that they created a line for little girls is amazing, and even though Char doesn’t QUITE fit in them yet, I’ll still buy a piece here or there and let her swim around in it.

forever21 little girls sweaterSWEATER: FOREVER21 (similar) || SHIRT: H&M (similar, similar) || PANTS: OLD NAVY || SNEAKS: OLD NAVY 

IMG_4625 IMG_4627 IMG_4624

It’s a little ridiculous how many times I have to roll up her sleeves to make this sweater look like it is even remotely her size. In the interest of full disclosure here, I bought this sweater like right after she turned 1.. I was like, it’ll fit! A year and a half later she’s still swimming in it, haha. But the extra room around the neck makes it perfect for layering with a button up blouse. She’s also mixing prints like a badass. Atta girl ;]


Vacation Daze.

So, it’s November. When did that happen and how can we slow time down? I suppose we can’t. BUT, we can hop on a plane and get the hell out of here when it gets too cold. When the weather starts to cool down to unbearable temperatures we can always take comfort in the fact that the beach and an ice cold margarita are only a quick plane ride away. I mean, unless of course you’re me, and have 2 kids and a business to run. In my case, I have no choice but to grit my teeth and bare it, HA. But if you’re one of the lucky ones with a sweet winter vaca on the calendar this year, here are some styling options just for YOU!

chambray top and striped shorts


chambray top, striped shorts chambray top, striped shorts chambray top, striped shorts

Normally I would wear an outfit like this with comfortable flip flops. I wore this on vacation in New Port, and I knew we would be wandering around town all day. HOWEVER, my two evil puppies decided that my absolute favorite GAP flip flops would be their afternoon snack one day. I hate them sometimes. Anyway, I was forced to up my game when it came to my footwear due to my dogs insatiable need to eat anything and everything in front of them, but it’s ok. These are some of the most comfortable shoes I own and it allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone for the day.

gap striped shorts

I am a Jersey girl through and through. I have been raised that way and I will continue to bleed “dirty” NJ water until I die. I grew up “at the shore” (a phrase that still makes me cringe thanks to MTV) and I am going to go out on a limb and say that as long as I have anything to do with it, I will never move, HA. Sorry babe, we’re never moving back up north….ever. The only other place I would consider relocating to is California. It is such an attractive state, on the coast, and I need to be within 5 miles of a beach at all times, even in the winter. ANYWAY! My point is, whenever I travel I always bring with me my custom NJ necklace from Moon & Lola. It’s my favorite little piece of home whenever I’m not near it. gap striped shorts GAP striped shorts

gap shorts urban outfitters top

The best thing about planning a vacation early is, you get to shop all of the amazing end of the season sales! And I mean, what could be better than shopping at a serious discount? Not much, really. Enjoy your vacation and have a drink or two for me please! ;]



A quick snap from our anniversary vaca.


Get Cozy

When you find one of those amazing fall pieces that fits like a winter glove it goes on heavy rotation. This sweater, believe or not, was a Christmas present from my dear mother. She is the worst at gift giving when it comes to clothes, for years I hoped she would give it up all together. One year I took her through the mall and pointed out all of the things I liked. A month or two later when it came time to open presents I was delighted. She listened! She paid attention. She done good.

skull knit sweater


IMG_6061 IMG_6062 target studded sneakers Yup, I love this sweater. Actually I really love any variation of this outfit. The last time I wore it I was pregnant and it was during my Week of Leather style challenge. Last time I paired it with my absolute favorite leather leggings, this time I paired it with my new favorite jeans. I snagged them at the InStyle Magazine blogger event last week. They felt like butter and I swear they are so comfortable I forgot I was wearing jeans by the end of the night! You know, usually, you wear jeans and by the end of the day when you’re ready to settle in with your netflix and junk food you’re clawing to get out of your pants. I put on a t-shirt and watched my shows in these, I kid you not. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE, guys!! There is a pair of coated skinnies with flashy hardware that I am dying to get my hands on!

brave new world sweater with skull brave new world skull print knit sweater roman luxe triangle hoop earrings

I am swooning over these earrings right now too! If you take a gander through the gossip pages of the latest tabloids, you might see earrings very similar to these all over it. You can snag a pair for less, much much less, right here! Do yourself a favor and grab some ASAP!


These Boots Were Made for Strutting

These boots are basically the puppies in the window that you walk by every single day and yearn to take home but know it’s a bad, bad idea. Except, in this case, it was a good, good idea. I have never worn more comfortable, flattering, amazing boots ever. A month or so ago I wore this exact shirt dress and said I thought it would look amazing with a pair of these Stuart Weiztman OTK boots, and yup, was I right!

forever21 shirt dress


IMG_5856The last time I wore this flannel dress from Forever21 I was perusing the city for a quick anniversary getaway weekend. I knew there was going to be a lot of wandering and exploring so I opted to wear it with converse sneaks instead of any fancy footwear. This time around, I decided to ditch the comfortable and sensible footwear and have a little more fun. These boots are an investment because they can really be worn with a variety of things. Flouncy skirts, skinny jeans, leather leggings, shirt dresses, they all look pretty fantastic with these boots.

IMG_5857 IMG_5858 IMG_5859

You ever have one of those days where no matter WHAT you do to your hair you just cannot seem to get it to cooperate? This was one of those days. Up, down, under a hat, nothing I did made it “work.” You go home, curl it thinking that’ll take care of the frizzy unruliness, but we’re only fooling ourselves. Days like that call for tight, tight top knots or sleek braids, am I right?


Case and point: insane hair ^ ^ ^ ^ … I mean, it wasn’t even windy this day. ::sigh:: IMG_5863IMG_5839 IMG_5840

DSC_3998Shirt dresses, flannel, and boots are 3 of my favorite things about cooler weather. I’ve already gushed over this dress in my previous post, but they are so easy because they’re basically a one stop shop when it comes to getting dressed every day. If the weather is warm, a shirt dress is all you need. If the weather is cooler, throw on tights or boots like I did here with a leather jacket and boom, you’re good to go. What could be better?

Drew Elia photography

If you share my love for fall boots and all the cozy clothes that go with them, shop my latest collection with Mavatar! 

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Be a Little Transparent + eShakti Giveaway Winner!

First off I want to announce my winners from last week’s eShakti giveaway! I hate leaving people in suspense for a whole post ;] Thanks so much to everyone who entered! If you’re not the big winner this time, no worries! There’s always another giveaway to be won. So! Without further ado, congratulations to two of my lovely readers; Abira Sengupta and Ashley Nydam! Check your inboxes for a little love note!

uphoria boutique topTOP: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE* || JEANS: J BRAND || BELT: GAP (similar here) || HAT: OLD NAVY  (similar here) || SHOES: STEVE MADDEN (ON SALE NOW)

(*Uphoria Boutique is in the midst of redoing their online store. Visit their Instagram for ordering information)

IMG_5842 IMG_5843 IMG_5845

I love a good top for fall that isn’t typical. This long sleeve with the sheer back and sleeves is pure perfection. Truth be told it can get a little breezy without a jacket but ya know, it’s worth it. I’ve worn this a bunch of times with so many different pieces, it’s quickly become a staple of my closet in heavy rotation.

IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5849 IMG_5850

I’m digging my wide legs for fall! I would love to find a pair that’s high waisted. If you’re aware of their existence please point me in the right direction! I could live in my J Brand jeans. I don’t know how they do it but their denim is like butter. Worth every penny, guys, I promise you!

photography by Drew Elia


Hats and Collars and Giveaways, oh my!

I was never a hat person. In fact, I had an utter disdain for them. You see, I have a relatively small head and they never fit me right, so they really weren’t my thing. One size fits all my ass. BUT, when I find one that does fit, it’s basically love at first sight. Starting last fall I made it my mission to find the perfect hats for every season, and I’ve acquired quite a collection so far.

layered collared shirt HAT: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar, similar, similar) || SWEATER: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar here) || JEANS: GAP || SHOES: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI || BAG: TARGET || RING: C/O ROMAN LUXE

IMG_5042 IMG_5045IMG_5073If you have a smaller head like mine you will be delighted to know this hat fits like a friggen glove! When I try hats on I generally have very low expectations when it comes to sizing, so I was shocked and ecstatic when this one didn’t wiggle around every time I moved my head from side to side. I have also been in the market for the perfect black hat for fall so I mean, all around it was a win-win!


IMG_5077 IMG_5078

Ok so let’s talk about this sweater. A few posts back I featured one of my favorite sweaters with an illusion of layering because I am seriously the worst at this whole look. Any time I’ve ever tried to layer a sweater over a collared shirt it’s turned out awful. These sweaters from Uphoria Boutique have been a god send! They allow the layered look without any of the effort! Perfect for the layering challenged like myself. IMG_5080 IMG_5081I bought these coated skinnies from the Gap right after I had Charlotte and I had gotten so used to not fitting in my jeans and/or being pregnant that I totally forgot about them! I rediscovered them just in time for jeans season. Hooray! Don’t forget to enter my eShakti giveaway by clicking the link below! 2 lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card to start building their own custom wardrobe! Good luck!

Click here to win $25 from eShakti!


Fickle Fall + eShakti GIVEAWAY!

So excited to announce an amazing giveaway for you guys! If you haven’t had the pleasure of shopping with eShakti before, definitely take advantage now! They create the clothes, then you customize them. Take this top for example, it started out as a whole other look, same color and pattern, much different style. I was able to customize it to my liking and now so can you!

eshakti customized shirt


* Uphoria Boutique is currently updating their online store. Visit their instagram for ordering information.


This is one of my favorite tops to wear because I’m obsessed with the print! What’s cuter than little tiny raccoon silhouettes? I added the bow around the neckline, which was a major selling point for me, and changed up the length of the shirt. You can’t tell now since it’s tucked in, but I added about an inch to the bottom. To see how I’ve previously styled this shirt, look here.

IMG_5033 IMG_5034

uphoria boutique skiât

Look at me breaking all the rules, no white after Labor Day my ass. The weather has been pretty back and forth lately but on those warm fall days I jump at the chance to throw on something from my summer wardrobe. I snagged this skirt the minute I laid eyes on it. I’m already counting down the days until next summer so I can wear it pretty much every day.eshakti giveaway

So back to our giveaway and why you should definitely enter. eShakti is an online retailer that is constantly creating chic clothes for women of every age. After you pick out something you like, you can customize it to fit your body and your personality perfectly. This dress, also gifted from them, had a different top when I found it on the site. I chose to make it a halter top instead, add the piping, and took off about an inch from the hemline. They also allow you to put in your exact measurements so everything you wear will literally fit you like a glove. Now two lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card from eShakti to start customizing their own wardrobe! Click on the link below to enter. The winner will be announced next week. Good luck!!

Enter eShakti Giveaway here!



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