These Boots Were Made for Strutting

These boots are basically the puppies in the window that you walk by every single day and yearn to take home but know it’s a bad, bad idea. Except, in this case, it was a good, good idea. I have never worn more comfortable, flattering, amazing boots ever. A month or so ago I wore this exact shirt dress and said I thought it would look amazing with a pair of these Stuart Weiztman OTK boots, and yup, was I right!

forever21 shirt dress


IMG_5856The last time I wore this flannel dress from Forever21 I was perusing the city for a quick anniversary getaway weekend. I knew there was going to be a lot of wandering and exploring so I opted to wear it with converse sneaks instead of any fancy footwear. This time around, I decided to ditch the comfortable and sensible footwear and have a little more fun. These boots are an investment because they can really be worn with a variety of things. Flouncy skirts, skinny jeans, leather leggings, shirt dresses, they all look pretty fantastic with these boots.

IMG_5857 IMG_5858 IMG_5859

You ever have one of those days where no matter WHAT you do to your hair you just cannot seem to get it to cooperate? This was one of those days. Up, down, under a hat, nothing I did made it “work.” You go home, curl it thinking that’ll take care of the frizzy unruliness, but we’re only fooling ourselves. Days like that call for tight, tight top knots or sleek braids, am I right?


Case and point: insane hair ^ ^ ^ ^ … I mean, it wasn’t even windy this day. ::sigh:: IMG_5863IMG_5839 IMG_5840

DSC_3998Shirt dresses, flannel, and boots are 3 of my favorite things about cooler weather. I’ve already gushed over this dress in my previous post, but they are so easy because they’re basically a one stop shop when it comes to getting dressed every day. If the weather is warm, a shirt dress is all you need. If the weather is cooler, throw on tights or boots like I did here with a leather jacket and boom, you’re good to go. What could be better?

Drew Elia photography

If you share my love for fall boots and all the cozy clothes that go with them, shop my latest collection with Mavatar! 

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Be a Little Transparent + eShakti Giveaway Winner!

First off I want to announce my winners from last week’s eShakti giveaway! I hate leaving people in suspense for a whole post ;] Thanks so much to everyone who entered! If you’re not the big winner this time, no worries! There’s always another giveaway to be won. So! Without further ado, congratulations to two of my lovely readers; Abira Sengupta and Ashley Nydam! Check your inboxes for a little love note!

uphoria boutique topTOP: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE* || JEANS: J BRAND || BELT: GAP (similar here) || HAT: OLD NAVY  (similar here) || SHOES: STEVE MADDEN (ON SALE NOW)

(*Uphoria Boutique is in the midst of redoing their online store. Visit their Instagram for ordering information)

IMG_5842 IMG_5843 IMG_5845

I love a good top for fall that isn’t typical. This long sleeve with the sheer back and sleeves is pure perfection. Truth be told it can get a little breezy without a jacket but ya know, it’s worth it. I’ve worn this a bunch of times with so many different pieces, it’s quickly become a staple of my closet in heavy rotation.

IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5849 IMG_5850

I’m digging my wide legs for fall! I would love to find a pair that’s high waisted. If you’re aware of their existence please point me in the right direction! I could live in my J Brand jeans. I don’t know how they do it but their denim is like butter. Worth every penny, guys, I promise you!

photography by Drew Elia


Hats and Collars and Giveaways, oh my!

I was never a hat person. In fact, I had an utter disdain for them. You see, I have a relatively small head and they never fit me right, so they really weren’t my thing. One size fits all my ass. BUT, when I find one that does fit, it’s basically love at first sight. Starting last fall I made it my mission to find the perfect hats for every season, and I’ve acquired quite a collection so far.

layered collared shirt HAT: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar, similar, similar) || SWEATER: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar here) || JEANS: GAP || SHOES: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI || BAG: TARGET || RING: C/O ROMAN LUXE

IMG_5042 IMG_5045IMG_5073If you have a smaller head like mine you will be delighted to know this hat fits like a friggen glove! When I try hats on I generally have very low expectations when it comes to sizing, so I was shocked and ecstatic when this one didn’t wiggle around every time I moved my head from side to side. I have also been in the market for the perfect black hat for fall so I mean, all around it was a win-win!


IMG_5077 IMG_5078

Ok so let’s talk about this sweater. A few posts back I featured one of my favorite sweaters with an illusion of layering because I am seriously the worst at this whole look. Any time I’ve ever tried to layer a sweater over a collared shirt it’s turned out awful. These sweaters from Uphoria Boutique have been a god send! They allow the layered look without any of the effort! Perfect for the layering challenged like myself. IMG_5080 IMG_5081I bought these coated skinnies from the Gap right after I had Charlotte and I had gotten so used to not fitting in my jeans and/or being pregnant that I totally forgot about them! I rediscovered them just in time for jeans season. Hooray! Don’t forget to enter my eShakti giveaway by clicking the link below! 2 lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card to start building their own custom wardrobe! Good luck!

Click here to win $25 from eShakti!


Fickle Fall + eShakti GIVEAWAY!

So excited to announce an amazing giveaway for you guys! If you haven’t had the pleasure of shopping with eShakti before, definitely take advantage now! They create the clothes, then you customize them. Take this top for example, it started out as a whole other look, same color and pattern, much different style. I was able to customize it to my liking and now so can you!

eshakti customized shirt


* Uphoria Boutique is currently updating their online store. Visit their instagram for ordering information.


This is one of my favorite tops to wear because I’m obsessed with the print! What’s cuter than little tiny raccoon silhouettes? I added the bow around the neckline, which was a major selling point for me, and changed up the length of the shirt. You can’t tell now since it’s tucked in, but I added about an inch to the bottom. To see how I’ve previously styled this shirt, look here.

IMG_5033 IMG_5034

uphoria boutique skiât

Look at me breaking all the rules, no white after Labor Day my ass. The weather has been pretty back and forth lately but on those warm fall days I jump at the chance to throw on something from my summer wardrobe. I snagged this skirt the minute I laid eyes on it. I’m already counting down the days until next summer so I can wear it pretty much every day.eshakti giveaway

So back to our giveaway and why you should definitely enter. eShakti is an online retailer that is constantly creating chic clothes for women of every age. After you pick out something you like, you can customize it to fit your body and your personality perfectly. This dress, also gifted from them, had a different top when I found it on the site. I chose to make it a halter top instead, add the piping, and took off about an inch from the hemline. They also allow you to put in your exact measurements so everything you wear will literally fit you like a glove. Now two lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card from eShakti to start customizing their own wardrobe! Click on the link below to enter. The winner will be announced next week. Good luck!!

Enter eShakti Giveaway here!


The Mini Fashionista: All You Need is Love ft. Amy Coe

If you follow my Mini Fashionista series you can probably gather one thing: I’m very picky when it comes to what my kids wear. My mantra when people try to shop for my girls: Think of me. Would I wear it? Ok, maybe I’m a little bit more lenient when it comes to my daughters, but not very, ha! I cringe at the thought of Charlotte wearing anything with Minnie Mouse on it that’s not pajamas. So anyway, the point is, I like it when my girls look a little more…. chic? while still remaining the kids they are! I mean in all seriousness, they’re kids… they’re messy. Let’s be realistic. Which is why I am a huge fan of Amy Coe!

Amy Coe Love dress with tutu



I was recently approached by someone from Amy Coe’s company about collaborating for my Mini Fashionista series. I was seriously over the moon excited when I received the e-mail! I have bought a million things for both of my girls from Amy Coe. I LOVE the fact that she makes big girl style clothes for little ones. I have scored sparkly leggings, faux fur vests, adorable graphic tee’s, and so much more at the most amazing prices. They have a faux red leather moto jacket that I am just DYING to get my hands on! This designer helps me keep Charlotte and Kennedy on trend on a budget. What could be better? For this outfit in particular I’m in love with the built in tutu, for a few reasons. ONE, it is so on point with Charlotte’s latest ‘ballerina’ obsession. Everything that has a tutu skirt makes it a ballerina dress, apparently, and that is her current infatuation. TWO, the skirt is attached so it takes away all the fuss of trying to find one that matches her outfit, since she basically needs to wear a tutu every day now. THREE: and another reason I’m glad it’s attached, she can’t take it off in the middle of a store if she suddenly feels the need, or she can’t randomly take it off and put it on one of our dogs. It happens, guys. It happens.

IMG_4635 IMG_4637

I’m also a big fan of the color scheme for this outfit, it has just enough pink to be girly but keeping the bulk of the ensemble black is key since the tutu skirt kind of speaks for itself. Edgy and sweet at the same time. Also I feel this is worth mentioning, when this outfit showed up at my door step, it came with a hand written note from Amy Coe herself. I immediately felt a little love and respect that she took the time to write such a sweet note about my girls when it wasn’t her I had been in contact with. They also sent an outfit along for Kennedy, which came as a total surprise! Look how cute my little blueberry looks!

FullSizeRender-23 FullSizeRender-25

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any pictures before she devoured her breakfast, so ignore the remnants of her oatmeal there, ha. This little onesie is even more adorable! They have me hooked on the built in tutus! Amy’s holiday line is coming down the pipeline soon and I couldn’t be more excited to find my girls some outfits for all the festivities, which is just around the corner! YIKES!

Side note: MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED!! I’m still so excited over this whole thing that I have to share it with you guys too! haha! Every time I even think about it I get all emotional and teary eyed. This girl is one of the most genuine human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and with her cooking skills, she is going to make one amazing wife. You’re a lucky man Jake! Good for you for locking that shit down. ;] Love you both! Long gone are the days when we could party like rockstars in the creepy basement that is Dark Horse, or crowded rooms of Park Ave, but with all the upcoming celebrating, we can certainly try. Love you, Rooms. <3


The Yellow Door

IMG_3497IMG_3472 IMG_3494 IMG_3498This is one of my favorite posts to date! The stars seemed to align for this shoot; not only did I have an amazing photographer, but I loved my outfit, and the locations we were able to find were simply amazing!

the yellow door


DSC_3037 DSC_3064 DSC_3068 DSC_3070


I used to be one of those people that was scared to death of boyfriend jeans. The trend has been around forever, but I was terrified of even trying on a pair. Which, looking back now, is positively silly. These are one of the most flattering fits out there. Skinny jeans can be so unforgiving, wide legs look strange if not paired with the right footwear, but find a pair of boyfriend’s that fit you right and you can wear them with just about anything.

DSC_3073 DSC_3090 DSC_3102

fall fashion DSCF2749

2 things I love to wear in the fall: fun hats and faux fur. They add a little touch of chic to just about any look, am I right? Unfortunately most hats never fit me, I have a ‘pea’ head as many people close to me like to call it. I can actually share hats with Charlotte. I don’t, because it’s a fact that depresses me, but I could if I really wanted/had to. This hat from Old Navy is super loose on my head, ha, but it was the perfect color and silhouette for fall so I let it wobble around anyway. Side note, I’ve had this shirt forever and this is the first time it has made it to the blog! Can’t believe that, and unfortunately it’s so old I can’t find anything quite like it anywhere to link to for you guys! womp womp.

DSCF2759 DSCF2765



This fall weather has not been ideal lately! Whenever I have free time it’s either raining or unusually cold for October. I haven’t even gotten to take my little ones pumpkin picking yet! What gives? It’s supposed to be nice out this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed!

Drew Elia Photography 



Layer it on with ModCloth

If there is one thing I love to do in the cooler months, it’s pile on layers, from my clothes to my jewelry… and sometimes even my socks. Because honestly, let’s face it, there are few things worse than freezing cold feet! If you haven’t had the chance to browse ModCloth‘s site yet, you totally should! They have the best options when it comes to layering up for your fall wardrobe. My dream outfit would include these fantastic pieces.

mod cloth top

This Fall My Lovin’ Top (which is unfortunately out of stock, WAHHH!) would be the base for my look. One of the most iconic prints for fall is a good flannel, maybe that’s just my opinion, but I don’t think many people would argue that. However, it would be too easy to stop there. A flannel and riding boots, and boom, you’ve got a bonafied fall look. Take it one stop further by adding a sweater on top.

mod cloth sweater


I am totally loving this Cluck Be A Lady Tonight Sweater. Not only is the name freaking adorable, but the owl adorning it is the cutest ever! Graphic prints are having a major moment as of the past year, especially with fun phrases and cute animals. I love this sweater for a few reasons, I feel like the owl is judging me, which is always fun, but beyond that it looks amazingly comfortable and, well, perfect for layering! Throw on a very eye-catching, sparkling statement necklace on top and you’re golden. mod cloth cardiLast but not least, polish off your look with a drapey cardigan, like this Simply Snuggly Cardigan. Since the bulk of the print on the first layer is going to be covered up by the sweater, I opted for a more bold cardi with a fun print. It’s like the flannel shirt under a microscope, I dig it. I’d finish off the look with a pair of leather leggings, Giuseppe Zanotti booties, and a top knot!

There you have it folks! My dream outfit perfect for a crisp fall day! While you’re at it, shop all of my fall favorites from my collection with Mavatar, and/or browse the rest of ModCloth’s amazing fall pieces here!


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NJFABB Shop Our Closets for Charity Event Recap

So guys, over the weekend we threw our first ever NJFABB event! Myself and four other amazing fashion bloggers threw this event together in like, two weeks, seriously. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am with the results! Everything came together perfectly. There was not one “OH CRAP I forgot to bring this!” or “OMG we never did that!” moments. Everything went off without a hitch! Everyone brought their A game to this event. Before I get into the details take a look as some of my favorite pictures from the day!

njfabb bloggers

Patty of Patty’s Kloset, Jess of Dressed by Jess, Dhruvi of Stilettos & Sequins, Rochelle of The Bloggerella, and myself!

Together we are NJFABB ;]



THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors!

Galain Handbags, Aaraa Accessories, Color My Bubble, Stone Hut, Boy Meets Girl, Faustini Wines, Kings of Cole, Now Zen PR, Broad St. Dough Co, and Touches by Ella!

njfabb 1 njfabb donut njfabb shopper

NJFABB27 njfabb selfie

I am pleased to announce that together with the help of our sponsors and our shoppers we raised over $1,000 (and counting!) for victims of domestic violence. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, even the sun decided to come out! And I mean… did you see the view in those pictures? To. Die. For! THANK YOU THANK YOU if you were a shopper, or just a supporter, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you, and because of the great success we look forward to throwing more events, sooo stay tuned ;)

Thank you to Rochelle’s awesome hubby (and Patty’s!) for being resident photographers for the day!


Blogger Collaboration: Not Over Overalls

trend overalls

We’re baaaaaack! You may recognize a few faces up here, plus a few new ones! We had so much fun with our Small Screen Style collaboration that we decided to bring you another one! This time we’re tackling trends, and first up is overalls! Love or hate it, they’re back in style so get cozy.


IMG_4255 IMG_4258 IMG_4259 OVERALLS

I’m not gonna lie, I was totally on the fence about this trend. When these first came back onto the scene I was confused, BUT secretly delighted. Overalls were the most comfortable thing on the planet, and the epitome of my childhood. So I mean, what better place to shoot these photos than my old elementary school, right? :]

IMG_4256 IMG_4268 IMG_4261 overalls

It’s easy to look schlumpy in overalls, so follow a few quick tips to keep the look chic. Pair them with heels or sleek flats. If you opt for a more ‘sensible’ footwear like sneakers you’re going to look like a housewife from the early 90’s in the midst of cleaning her house and making the kids lunch. I wore a pointed toe heel with mine, but they would also look pretty adorbs with oxfords. The whole look of overalls has really done a 180, so look for a pair with a slimmer leg rather than the vintage wide leg style. It’s way more flattering. Also, for whatever reason I love how crop tops look with overalls. Maybe they balance each other out since there’s a whoooole lotta denim going on there, a simpler crop top provides a good balance.

IMG_4263 overalls

I’ve totally given into this trend. They’re comfortable, and thanks to advances in modern fashion, they’re trendy! To see more on how all the girls styled their overalls, head on over to their blogs and pay a little visit! And of course, stay tuned for more fun collabs in the future. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Diane at Style Context || Stephanie at A Sparkle Factor || Wesley at Eat.Shop.Live.NYC

ALSO! It’s worth mentioning that our charity event with NJFABB went absolutely amazing yesterday! But I’ll post more on that later in the week. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.


The LBD with a Little Twist!

Not too long ago I was approached by a maternity company to feature one of their items on my blog. There was just one problem, I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Those days had come and gone. I was all set to decline their request, when their incredibly helpful and accommodating staff informed me that they had a ton of pieces that could be worn before, during, and after your pregnancy! I picked out a couple dresses and they actually had an employee try them on to see which ones worked best for a non-pregnant body! I mean, how amazing is that? With their help I have discovered my new favorite LBD, just in time for the upcoming holiday seasons!

photo 5-1


photo 1-3 photo 3-2 photo 3-3 photo 4-2

Is this not the most gorgeous maternity dress you’ve ever seen? Maybe I’m a little bias, but I love it! The 3/4 sleeves are key for the fickle fall temperatures, but the material is thick to keep you nice and toasty! Not to mention the full striped skirt. So on trend!

DSC_3157 DSC_3161 DSC_3164 photo 1-2

photos by: Drew Elia

The best thing about this garment is its wearability. Slip on an oversized sweater to make it more casual, a moto jacket to make it more edgy, or a baby bump to make it more practical, ha ha ha! But seriously. I’m not sure if I’m done having babies yet, so a dress like this is perfect for me! I won’t have to pack it away for my next pregnancy. HOORAY.

SO GUESS WHAT GUYS! The always amazing guys behind Mavatar have officially stepped up their awesomeness game. When they got word that a few of their editors were behind NJFABB’s ‘Shop Our Closets’ charity event they decided to offer up their services. They are going to donate ALL the commission earned from each item in our ‘NJFABB Charity’ collections! People helping people, that’s what it’s all about! This collection features a lot of similar items that you can find at our event on Saturday, so if you can’t make it, feel free to shop my cart! You’ll still be donating to a great cause, all thanks to Mavatar!!


Shop My Mavatar Cart
AND if you’re just hearing about our charity event for the first time, we are having a Shop Our Closets event this Saturday in Jersey City! Your favorite bloggers are cleaning our closets for you! Come shop, win some amazing prizes, snack on some yummy goodies, and sip on some refreshing bevs! Oh and get a mini makeover! YAY. RSVP here, see you there!

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